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Albert R.
Underworld Kingdom, Terminal Space, Bandits & Battlecruisers, Towers of Krshal.
Underworld Kingdom, Terminal Space, Bandits & Battlecruisers, Towers of Krshal.

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As you probably know, I'm almost in the middle of writing of the Legends of Krshal. Also, I plan to create the Mythical Monsters supplement for the Perilous Ages simulacrum RPG.

But what do you think about the Underworld Kingdom Volume Four, kept in the similar style to the Towers of Krshal?

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And some basic... oh well. Sometimes I love WIP files :) : ) :)

Well, it's strange feeling to return to G+, even if it's a brief return.

But it's a good feeling. FB is boring and filled with bullshit that's hard to filter. I stopped to follow most of my real life friends (sometimes you don't want to know too much about their views on, um, anything) and now my inner geek is slowly awaking again.

I don't have much time to read all your entries anymore and that's sad. Please tell me if something interesting happened here (new cool projects etc.) during the past, well, three years :D

What's even more sad, I don't know shit about the current state of the OSR blogosphere. Are there any new blogs worth at least skimming through their content? Are any of the old blogs still active and worth reading?

Gals, guys, help me. I'm counting on you :)

Legends of Krshal is now 16 A5-sized pages long. And still only 16/50 entries are done.
Moreover, already existing entries are also expanding, so:
1) it will take a while;
2) it may become rather big in its final shape.

PS. Do you want to make it plain, without any images, pure content-only? If you want it nicely edited and filled with awesome artwork I'll be probably forced to Kickstart it, as I'm still poor as fuck.

PPS. +KFC you inspired me to start working on the Krshal board game :) It's my biggest problem - sometimes it's too tempting to start working on another project, as ideas can fill my mind almost instantly 

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More about the... cards!

New thingie about Krshal will be the HUGE expansion of the biggest random table from the first booklet. Right now it's 14 A5-sized pageslong and about 1/3 is done. Of course it's still very rough and it's highly possible that in the final version it will become much bigger.

Who is interested in return to Krshal? :)

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Blablabla. More and more monsters. And more.

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I'm a happy man, y'kno? :D

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For all Instagram users, I created the profile for our upcoming Lunation Board Game :)
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