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One year ago when HP bought Palm, it's target was to produce cellphone and pad PC to compete with Apple and Android, now HP gave up. After 10 years HP merged Compaq, after 8 years IBM sold it's PC division to Lenovo, now HP decided to give up it's PC division. I think it is a good case to show how forward-looking is valuable to a company's strategy-making, no matter big or small the company is.
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Jack Zhan

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Bill Deville originally shared:
There are two FAIRY TALE categories
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Jack Zhan

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I see that the pageranks of many google+ user home pages are more than 1. +Robert Scoble 's pagerank is 6. But +William Long, who is No. 1 in Chinese circled by more than 30k people, his page is still zero.
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Google Toolbar is not common used in China
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Jack Zhan

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Netflix Hits A Million Subscribers In Canada, in 10 months.
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No, with monthly subscription fee.
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Marvin Ryan Vista originally shared:
Apple = Design. Google = Design

Mr. Gruber: “Apple Is a Design Company With Engineers; Google Is an Engineering Company With Designers.” or as Paul Adams put it, * “Google is an engineering company, and as a researcher or designer, it’s very difficult to have your voice heard at a strategic level,”.*
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Best chrome extension ever made. It does what it says, it says what it does.
Daoliang Han originally shared:
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Games for G+ !!
Kin Li originally shared:
here comes games!!!
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我认为需要加一个设置who can view my game profile. I don't want my professors to see my game profile...
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Jack Zhan

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Jeremy Dahl originally shared:
Super Congress? Why not? After that let's make forts.
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What?please write english.
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Jack Zhan

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MoHa - Ait Idir originally shared:
I Like this
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Jack Zhan

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Michelle Marie originally shared:
Things That Happen On The Internet Every 60 Seconds

More than 168 million emails are sent
695,000 updates & 510,040 comments are published on Facebook
Google serves more that 694,445 search queries
370,000+ minutes of voice calls done by Skype users
20,000 new posts are published on Tumblr
13,000+ hours of music streaming flows from Pandora
More than 13,000 iPhone apps are downloaded
6,600 images are published on Flickr
600 videos (about 25 hours of content) are uploaded to YouTube
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how about QQ
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    Co-founder, 2010 - present
    President, 2008 - present
    Engineer, 2000 - 2003
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Entrepreneur, Geek, Ecommerce, Canadian, Chinese, Online Marketer, Programmer, Designer
Thanks for viewing my profile. 

If you are a new comer to google+, please learn the basics of circles at first. 

If you are not much active at sharing or photoing, I am okay in your "everyone" circle and I am active at reading and commenting. ^_^

If you are going to organize your circles further, I am happy if you put me in the following kinds of circles:

(1) Google+: talking & sharing of google+, facebook, twitter, tumblr, linkedin and other social networks.

(2) E-Commerce: I am the founder of an online retailer based in Canada, which sells printer ink & toner, cables and apple accessories, so I am here meant to meet new friends who are also in the same area.

(3) Online marketing: topics can be very wide such as adwords, CPC, SEO, display ads, affiliate marketing and so on. Please also circle my colleagues +Jiong Zhang and +Andrew Lu who are online marketing genius :)

(4) Web programming: specially ruby on rails or other cool frameworks. My colleague +rain yang is a geeky rails senior engineer, thanks to circle him.

(5) Web design: user interface or design tool tips. If you are a startup or a business owner who happens to need a logo designed, pay a visit to my another website, you may find out how easy a logo can be made with a very reasonable price. My colleague +Dora Wang is happy to help you if you have further questions about this design platform.

(6) Gadgets

(7) Canada: I would like to be shared with any local information from Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

(8) Outdoor: hiking, basket ball, pool, ski

(9) Movies: Yes I have watched a lot of movies and I will watch most of new movies :)

(10) Only for friends speaking Mandrin 中文的朋友: 我的兴趣除了以上的IT和互联网范畴,还有商业,经济和中国文化。如果你重复分享很多政治,社会新闻,八卦或者福利图,请把我圈到你的更精确的小圈子,谢谢!

If you think I am noisy please leave me commets which kind of circle you would like of mine. Thank you.
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  • Zhejiang University
    Computer Science, 1996 - 2000
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