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MidiYodi is an app that allows editing, examination and playback of MIDI files.
MidiYodi is an app that allows editing, examination and playback of MIDI files.

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CANATO releases MidiYodi 3.2
MidiYodi - the soon to be #1 MIDI file editor and examiner introduces note editing capability in it's 3.2 release.
Read all about MidiYodi and it's features at and checkout the new documentation at

MidiYodi 3.1 released today!!!
You can find it at

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An online user guide has now been added for MidiYodi.

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Windows and Mac screenshots from the 3.0 release
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MidiYodi 3.0 is released today adding the following features to its already comprehensive MIDI editing and examination capabilities:
- Jukebox (playlist) introduced to manage sets of MIDI files to be played in sequence or loop.
-  Feature to save selected tracks in separate MIDI files.
- Option to convert from filetype 1 to 0 or vice versa.
- Measure width adjustment control added to Main window.
- Karaoke lyrics and Text meta information lanes added to the Main window.
- Meta information lanes added to the Score/Keyboard Examiners.
- Shown meta information lanes customizable in the Preferences window.
- Controller names prefixed with their corresponding controller number.
- Auto explore option added to MIDI File Explorer.
- Drag-n-drop added to Main window and Jukebox.
- Keyboard shortcuts added to all windows.
- Tempo change dialog moved to menubar
- Transposition GUI changed in menubar
- Size and positions of Main window, MIDI File Explorer and Jukebox window are saved.

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