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Larry White
What's our View in this Whitehouse?
What's our View in this Whitehouse?

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News: The New Gold Backed Cryptocurrency (BullionCoin) Mentioned by Andrew Maguire
We have been following the somewhat cryptic comments that London metals trader Andrew Maguire has made about an event coming in the gold market that he suggests will be significant. We submitted a brief written set of questions to his representative to get ...

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Jim Rickards on Gold - Recent Interviews and Articles
Recently Jim Rickards has had quite a few updated comments on the gold market including his view on where the price is headed towards the end of this year. Below are links to his latest comments on the subject. --------------------------------------------...

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The True Gold Standard - A Monetary Reform Plan Without Official Reserve Currencies
A thank you to a blog reader (a former correspondent for Time magazine who prefers to remain anonymous) who alerted me another formal proposal to consider a return to the gold standard. In an earlier article , we featured the work of Dr. Lawrence White who ...

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News Alert - Jim Rickards on Donald Trump Jr. Email News
I don't try to cover politics on this blog, but I do understand that political events can impact financial markets and even financial system stability in some extreme cases. The news out on the email exchanges involving Donald Trump Jr. is just an additiona...

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Robert Pringle - Allan Meltzer Email Exchanges on Monetary System Reform - Part I
Recently I ran this article on the blog that featured a tribute to Allan Meltzer from John Taylor. Mr. Meltzer was a highly respected economist around the world. While working on that article I was alerted by Robert Pringle to a series of email exchanges be...

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Debate With Allan Meltzer - Part II
Debate With Allan Meltzer Part II On 15 March, 2014, at 22.24 Robert Pringle wrote: WHAT WE AGREE ON It is necessary to agree on many things to have a useful discussion, and it is not surprising we do as my thinking has been much influenced by yours for man...

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Why Does the US Dollar Remain at the Center of the Monetary System?
In doing research for this blog I run across a lot of articles and information. In this case I think I may have found an article that sums up why the US dollar remains at the center of our present monetary system in two paragraphs. Below are the two paragra...

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Cryptocurrency Followup - IMF Paper Backs Issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies
A thank to a reader who pointed me to this new article in In our previous article on cryptocurrencies , we raised some questions about the future. This new IMF paper may give us some hints as to how the existing monetary authorities view...

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The Confusing World of Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies have captured a lot of media attention this year as the more well known versions like Bitcoin have seen sharp increases in price even as they also see a lot of volatility. By no means do I claim to be an expert on this topic, but I do think...

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BIS Annual Report - Undestanding Globalisation
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has issued their annual report with this report focusing on the argument that globalisation done properly raises overall living standards. The press release for the report can be viewed here . The report is prett...
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