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Larry White
What's our View in this Whitehouse?
What's our View in this Whitehouse?

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Reader Response - The Achilles' Heel of Capitalism
Recently we featured this article in The Wall Street Journal that quoted Johns Hopkins professor Steve Hanke as saying that financial volatility in currency exchange rates is "the Achilles' heel of capitalism."   A blog reader here had a different take on t...

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CNBC - Feds "New Normal" Balance Sheet Could be Huge
CNBC runs this article which explains that the Federal Reserve may just let its balance sheet stay bloated in coming years for a variety of reasons. The article has a couple of points of interest since many have long argued that the enormous size of the Fed...

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Robert Pringle - "We Remain Stuck in the Money Trap - Do We Not?"
Former Group of 30 Executive Director Robert Pringle has two new articles posted on this blog, The Money Trap . Mr. Pringle is also the author a book by the same name which analyzed the problems that led up to the major financial crisis of 2008 and offered ...

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Alasdair Macleod - Chinas Plan to Subvert the Global Dollar Standard
ZeroHedge runs this article by Alasdair Macleod which appears originally here at . I am featuring this article not because I know whether or not China has a plan to overthrow the US dollar by using its gold reserves. I don't and Chinese officials ...

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IMF - 50 Years After - SDRs Role in the Monetary System
At the recent spring meetings of the IMF, a discussion panel looked at what role the SDR has 50 years after its creation in 1967. The panel included some well known names including Catherine Schenk who did an analysis in 2011 on the potential for backing th...

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Wall Street Journal - Volatile Money Hurts Growth & Trade
In a new article published in the Wall Street Journal . James Kemp and Sean Rushton of the Kemp Foundation ask why there is not more concern by policy makers about volatile currency exchange rates. They point to the recent Kemp Foundation forum on this very...

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Dr. Judy Shelton - Thinking About a New Common Currency
This is a news note based on a recent twitter exchange with Dr. Judy Shelton. Dr. Shelton was an adviser to the Trump economic team and also a recent participant in the Kemp Foundation forum on exchange rates which we covered here. Dr. Shelton mentioned on ...

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Jim Rickards on Potential for War with North Korea
A full transcript text of Jim Rickards interview in April with Alex Sanczyk is now available here . Jim talked more about geopolitical issues in this discussion than usual. Since Jim has good contacts on this kind of topic and since North Korea is certainly...

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The Real SDR Proposal - A Deeper Dive
Since we now have a very current paper on Dr. Warren Coats Real SDR proposal, I think it might helpful to take a deeper dive into it. The point of this exercise is to illustrate that in order for ANY proposed major change to the existing monetary system to ...

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Repost: Kemp Foudation Presentation by Dr. Warren Coats
This is the second in a series of three articles covering the Kemp Foundation forum on Exchange Rates and the US Dollar. In the  first article , we featured the presentation by Dr. Judy Shelton. Her presentation stressed the need for change to the existing ...
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