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Worldbuilding -- Part III: What Fiction Does Well
Last time , we talked about the unfortunate habits of some authors, when it comes to worldbuilding. Now let's talk about why such perfectionism can make it very difficult to write good fiction. While reading Bernard Knox's fascinating introduction to the Fa...

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Worldbuilding and the Origin of Fandom -- Part II: The Authors
Part I on worldbuilding and readers was lost to an internet error, but a backup can be found here , now here's my take on the author's end of things. Tolkien is often cited as the father of worldbuilding, and though he was hardly the first to develop an inv...

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Originality and the Fount of Inspiration
Last time, we talked about the source of creativity , now let's look at what I mean by 'originality' Muse at Mt. Helicon When I'm judging the quality of something I have read (or even something I have written), I find I have to contend with the idea of 'ori...

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Atheism vs. Agnosticism
At some point, you have to leave your house and go out into the world. It's your actions out there that really define your beliefs: fundamentally, do you behave as if you are unsure about god? Do you invoke him sometimes, and not others? Do you wonder about...

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Your Guide to Free Ebooks
Pierpont-Morgan Library The internet is a great resource for readers, and I take advantage of it as often as I can. Copyright Law is a complex animal , but basically, anything published before 1923 is no longer in copyright in America--and many later works ...

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Exploring Ideas Through Fiction
A good book is one that makes us think--about ourselves, and about our world. Even in genre works, like sci fi, fantasy, and horror, the author still explores ideas about what it means to be human: love, hatred, trust, belief, war, disease--plus uncountable...

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Worldbuilding: Bakker vs. Harrison
Wm. Timlin - The Seven Sisters In my ongoing exploration of worldbuilding, I've gotten a great
deal of inspiration from the observations of writers like Harrison , Le Guin , and Moorcock . Harrison's essays in particular helped me to put
voice to my conce...

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Suggested Readings in Fantasy
Into the Green Port by John Howe As I have sometimes been heard to remark , I'm fond of the fantasy genre. As such, I am often asked by friends and followers of my reviews which fantasy books I would suggest they read, but I am wary of making such suggestio...

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Your Guide to Terrible Goodreads Comments
So, you'd like to write a terrible comment on Goodreads. Well, you're in luck! For years, I have been a contentious critic on that very site, and have written some its the most popularly unpopular reviews. I have received comments so terrible, so nonsensica...

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I'm Back
Doré - Angelica Meets the Hermit It's been more than a year I've been away--which is a lot of time to think things over, to sit and stew, to write numerous drafts of reviews and posts that just end up sitting in the vault, unread. At first it was nice to be...
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