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Haerang Dong (동해랑)
동해바다의 파도... 浪
동해바다의 파도... 浪

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"At the same time I can't wait to get it done and really dread doing it...its like the #Tecthulhu is somehow sub-consciously telling me to stop building it. I don't know if this makes any sense."

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5,155개! 엄청나군요!! 😲
이정도면 한국에서는 최고 수치가 아닐까나요? 👍
꽤 재미있고 좋은 아이디어 입니다.

Thanks +NIA Ops​ and +Ingress​

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Stop it until you give some of your UPV points to me! 😜
..... its getting there.. slowly.

To pass 100.000 UPVs before Mission Day Prague.... Should be possible? .... I guess next week is as good as any.! ;)


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Great stuffs for greater event on Kuala Lumpur. 😄
Alright folks!! Who's in!! Pre-orders for the NL-1331 Coin are up and pre-order pricing will apply until May 5th!

This is a Coin with a coin inside (really a 1" tag attached by a magnet), so its a first for us!! I'll probably make more tags for different events and #ingress stuff later on so you can switch them out as you please!!

Price is $14 and includes shipping, if you're buying for pickup at the #NL1331 Event in Kuala Lumpur, get in touch with me first.

If you're picking up in the US from +Ryanne Jones, please get in touch with her.

After May 5th, the price will be $16 (with shipping included). Bulk purchase from groups or communities are definitely welcome and please get in touch before you order!! 

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Good for Mannheim Mission Day!
BTW, only for black medal achiever? 😜
New card set.
I will bring some spare sets to the Mission Day Mannheim.

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의사의 명령으로 #Ingress 를 하는 사람. 👍
My doctor asked me what kind of exercise I have been doing, since my cholesterol levels have improved dramatically. I told him that I've been waking a lot, thanks to +Ingress​ . I tried to explain the game... I tried to recruit him... but it was clear he had no idea how a mobile phone game could motivate someone to get out and move.

He said, "whatever this thing is, just keep on doing it."

So... If anyone asks why I play, I'm going to say "doctor's orders."

9000 km and hopefully many more to come!

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On May 19th, Ingress will host an event named 13Magnus Reawakens in Camp Navarro, CA, USA. The forests of Northern California have their share of lore and legend, but none so bizarre as those surrounding the whispering redwoods along the Navarro River. Register today at:

There are still a limited number of camping spaces available. However, all of the space reserved for RVs has been allocated. If you want to attend with a group, please appoint a group leader. There is a field in the ticketing process during checkout that will allow you to specify a group or family name.

Please check out the Complete FAQ and Safety Guide at the registration website:

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멋지지않나요? 😄

因為只有120本,但是高達90幾公斤 12箱。需要大家幫忙儘快消耗⋯


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+Kento Suga​가 말하는, 커뮤니티 마케팅의 본질! 😄
이또한 멋진 인터뷰 기사입니다!

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기막힌 꽃장식!! 😄
Niantic Japan moved to a new office, and this beautiful flower is the gift from Dowango.
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