I know we went through a spell some months ago here where we covered cordless vacuum cleaners, but not sure that we talked about this one, so here goes!

Having had a very expensive Kirby vacuum cleaner for many years I felt that it was getting rather heavy to use day in day out, so decided to invest in this unit as recommended by a friend.

I talked with Gtech on the phone before ordering and they were extremely helpful with Next Day Delivery thrown in via DPD should I buy. I did! It arrived promptly with DPD in the usual premium, highly trackable way with a one-hour slot.

Instructions were clear and it was easy to put together in just a few minutes. It's very light to use and has a handy carry handle, along with extending operating handle. The suction is very good, which was surprising, I have to admit, after all these years with a Kirby. I didn't really think it would come close. It's easy to empty. No bags to buy or change, just open up a chamber after pulling it out of the device and pushing a lever to empty the contents into the bin.

There's a squishy filter in the middle which you're supposed to take out and wash in soap and water once a month. Seems straightforward enough. It's easy to store away and even easier to pick up and go! No wires to worry about and it even has a headlight!

There's a handy battery which can be charged on or off the device, takes 4hrs from flat to charge and seems to last forever! I have been using it off and on for about a week and the battery indicator still shows 75%. It has a glowing 25/50/75/100% indicator at the top. The cleaner is started by pressing a foot-pedal and the handle, which can be swivelled every which way, right down to flat for getting under low furniture, released by another foot-tap.

I wasn't really expecting the earth after so many years of such a quality cleaner in the house, but I do have to admit that it is getting heavy for me. This unit sits tucked in a corner, I'm much more likely to quickly pull it out and do a quick whip-round and so would very highly recommended it. Here's a link to Gtech ( or you can buy at AmazonUK (
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