I bought this little heater at least 30 years ago, to put in a very small en-suite shower room off our bedroom. If I remember rightly, it was termed a 'frost stat' so we did not expect great things from it.

To our surprise, it did the job we needed it to do exceptionally well and has never let us down in any way. When we moved house we thought about dumping it as we really didn't expect it to keep going on much longer. That was 20 years ago!

We have a small shower room in an extension of our home which has no heat and a useful little room which doubles up as a laundry room. The fire has sat in there since our arrival and in the winter we leave it on all the time. We are amazed at how well it just keeps the area gently warm.

I am also amazed that just out of interest when checking on line this fire is still available.

What a good buy it was, now £50 or so...
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