I wonder how many of you have done just that on hot oven shelves!
I have had many types of oven gloves. My latest additions are the black and white ones at
Heat Guardian - Heat Resistant Gloves
Protective Gloves withstand heat up to 932℉.
Use as Oven Mitts, Pot Holders or for Grilling
Features 5” Cuff for Forearm Protection
I am completely pleased with these. Plenty big enough for bigger hands but still OK for mine. They look nice too. The longer cuffs are a real bonus. Makes me feel safe. At £15, although pricier than some of the others, they’re well worth it.

The blue and cream ones in the photo have fitted the bill too.
The Legendary Magic Oven Glove Hot Surface Handler - Cook, Adjust, Repair & Work Safely with the glove that can withstand temperatures of up to 540°F
As you can see, this pair does not withstand such a high heat but they have been reasonably safe and usable. They do not have the long cuff either. If they get damp they do not work, so one must be aware of that, but I guess that would apply to any such gloves. At about £7 a pair they're a cheaper option.

Then there is the old type. Premier Housewares Butcher Stripe Double Oven Glove - Navy You are able to get these in all sorts of patterns and colours. I suppose to some extent they do the job but I would certainly not go back to them. Price wise they do vary but mainly speaking between £5 & £8.

I would certainly recommend the first pair now even though they might cost a bit more at the outset. Keep your hands cool!
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