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"Be yourself " -
Unique T''shirts art collection limited edition by Viu Gold
By wearing this special t-shirt you can express your personality without need to verbalize or be afraid of ridicule.
When you select a t-shirt designs you have the option to order it in up to 10 colors, various styles and sizes. In addition you can customize it by using your own personal bottom message.
Great for "Self Esteem" busting and provoking discussions.
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" Be yourself " - Unique T''shirts art collection limited edition by Viu Gold
The artist has a European background and years of experience as an artist, designer and decorator in Canada.

He has used many art forms and media to express his excellent eye for class, simplicity, style and color wildly reflected in his life time creations.​

The artistic background combined with his practical skills enables the artist to create designs with utmost artistic geometric efficiency use of canvas space.

These ergonomic designs creations have undeniable vibrant colors and unique geometrical style, The elegant and accomplished style incorporates the idea that these designs may be applied to many practically items such t-shirts, towels, stained glass etc.

His distinctive ability to portray various faces and expressions on a simple geometrical, simplistic design and colors defines his unique and particular Canadian artistry.

One of the most unique traits of this artist is the capacity to represent personality and emotions with simple strokes and colors.
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Great looking kitchen, love it however from the functionality and maintenance point of view the stone wall will get dirty and greasy very fast.
Based on my long time in kitchen renovation as the time goes by the wall will get harder to clean.

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Kitchen trends

In the 1980s, white laminate kitchen cabinets were the new hotness. Now, 30 years later, what’s the most popular color for cabinets and backsplashes? White. That’s one of the revelations from a new study of kitchen remodeling trends from Houzz (

In 2014, a quarter of homeowners were remodeling a kitchen at least 30 years old, and 41 percent were remodeling a kitchen last remodeled 16 to 30 years ago. The study found pent-up demand, with the biggest number of remodelers saying they had wanted to remodel for a long time and finally had the means to move ahead with their project.

Storage space was a big priority among homeowners, with custom storage options popular. Pullout shelves show up in 62 percent of remodeled kitchens, built-in bars for wine or beer show up in 21 percent, and 6 percent included custom built-ins for pet bowls.

But some things don’t change: Most kitchen remodeling projects go over budget. Slightly more than half of homeowners planned to spend no more than $25,000 on a kitchen, but 61 percent wound up spending more than that. The most common bill for remodeling fell within the $25,000 to $50,000 range (31 percent).

Martha Buns

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