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Special error messages.

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This I'll get up for on a sunday morning.

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"Super Hot" Someone finally did something new and exciting with the FPS genre. Super quick, loads in a browser and worth a play-through even if you normally hate FPS

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So This epic concert of video game music is happening in Cambridge on 9/14, and I think it's slipping mostly under the radar so far.

Darren Korb is going to be playing live selections from the Bastion Soundtrack accompanied by VGO.  DJ Cutman spinning between sets.

I'm going to hopefully be providing live viz at this show also.  Check it out.

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I pledge to continue deleting gmail messages instead of archiving them. No matter how hard Google wants me to do the opposite.

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G+ home screen now looks derpier than ever. They apparently decided "fuck it, we'll just be Pintrest"

Recently +Google took away the functional and simple gtalk app and replaced it with the cluttered, useless "hangouts" app.

I have actually never been this upset with something google has done. And they've made some big mistakes in my time.

I can't view a simple list of which of my contacts are online. Starting a new conversation is now a handful of steps where it was once just one click. I have no desire to do messaging and video chat with the circles I've added on G+.

I don't even use G+ much anyway, because the public has pretty much spoken on that social network. Their response was pretty universally"no thanks brah, im good". Trying to force your failed product into the Google services people actually do use, such as the android market, is going to piss off a lot of your user base and likely more than a few paying customers.

I want my gtalk interface back and I want this +Google+ takeover of my android device to cease. I'm worried that next they're going to take away my phone calendar and make me navigate through a the G+ "events" interface.

They used to make things simple. +Google+ Help 

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Lilac festival. This place is so beautiful.
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