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Does that mean we are allowed to edit the ad code to change the dimensions?

Do dimensions have to be in pixels, or can we do things like width: 50% (or even better) width: 25em?
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One of the things I've run into on Google Plus lately is a clause in their policy that I never expected to have to worry about.

A little piece of background info: I'm Icelandic. That means that, like most Nordic people, I don't think that nudity per se is NSFW.

A couple of times over the last few weeks I've stopped myself from posting links to pages that I find interesting, inoffensive, SFW, and funny, but is probably NSFW for some.

Normally, and if I had been using Twitter at the time, I'd have posted the link with a warning that it may be NSFW to some.

The problem here on G+ is that exactly that could result in my profile being suspended as per to this section of the User Content and Conduct Policy:

Do not distribute content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts or sexually explicit material. Do not drive traffic to commercial pornography sites.

Note that there are no exceptions there on linking to nudity. There used to be, but they took it out. Violators risk having access to all Google services suspended, something that really dissuades you from taking any risks.
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