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Nick Martens
Android developer. Developer of Appsi sidebar
Android developer. Developer of Appsi sidebar

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Here’s an early look at the next version of Android for testing, development, and feedback. Get your apps ready for Android O:

Watch out for the SDK coming later today! 

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Absolutely great! Want to try this as soon as I have some spare time 😀😀
#Firebase & Google Cloud Platform work better together! Cloud Functions for Firebase! New Storage features! And more:

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Absolutely great!
Google Play services opens Public Beta
I've really found the public beta system to be really useful in giving early feedback to apps and now Google Play services has its own public beta, allowing you to run releases of Google Play services before they roll out to all your users.

Just remember: the public beta applies to your entire account and all of your devices so if you're just using this on a test device, make sure to use a test account as well.

The usual caveats apply even more so than usual: "It's important to keep in mind that beta versions of Google Play services may be less stable than later versions officially released to the public. This means that some apps might crash, or that some features might not work properly. For example, your device could crash repeatedly, making any service on the device unavailable."

Opt in for testing here:

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Nice to see this feature coming to +Firebase!
Realtime Analytics arrives to Firebase! Look for StreamView and DebugView in your own project in the coming days and read about it here -

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I just published a new article showing you how send notifications from Wordpress to Android using Firebase. Very useful when you are the only one who is supposed to login to your website

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Now this is interesting! Very curious how this will develop.

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Absolutely great to see all these features becoming support libraries!
Introducing the ExifInterface Support Library

Exif tags store information such as the orientation, date and time, camera information, and the location directly in a JPEG or RAW file. The ExifInterface Support Library is new in version 25.1.0 and unbundles support for reading Exif information from JPEG and raw (DNG, CR2, NEF, NRW, ARW, RW2, ORF, PEF, SRW and RAF) formatted files and setting the Exif information on JPEG image files.

This makes previously API 25+ only format support and the ability to read Exif information from content:// URI InputStreams available on all API 9+ devices.

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Awesomeness with animated vector drawables!!
I recently saw a question on /r/androiddev asking how to implement a fancy animation… and decided to demonstrate how to do it using AnimatedVectorDrawable.

Here's a breakdown of how I did it:

Or you can jump straight to the code here:

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign #Animation
Animated Photo

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Your next growth market: Realizing the potential of MENA

We know that many developers want to take advantage of growth opportunities in new regions, but are held back by not knowing the most important areas to focus on. That’s why we wanted to share stories from our partners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and their top tips for success.
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