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Delphi XE6 Setup to iOS not so easy as the video made out....

I'm getting the error:

[PAClient Error] Error: E0264 Unable to execute '"/usr/bin/codesign" --en "/Users/Christopher/RADPAServer/scratch-dir/Christopher-Mac Mini/" -s "iPhone Developer" -f "/Users/Christopher/RADPAServer/scratch-dir/Christopher-Mac Mini/"' (Error 1)
[PAClient Error] Error: E0264 /Users/Christopher/RADPAServer/scratch-dir/Christopher-Mac Mini/ code failed to satisfy specified code requirement(s)

Details of machines:

Windows 8.1 
Running Delphi XE6 Enterprise, following video Setting up your Mac for iOS and OS X Development I've set up SDK for iPhone OS 7,1 and MacOSX 10.9.2
Refreshed local file caches for both.
Set up and tested a connection to my Mac's PAServer
Provisioning : Developer Certificate for "iOS Device - Debug" is "iPhone Developer"

Mac OS/X 10.9.3
Mac MINI (i7) 4GB RAM
PAServer installed from XE6 package as per video.
Keychain shows my apple ID and iPhone Devleoper certificates, both valid and expiring > 1 year from now. Only 1 other Certificate (Apple's Integration etc). 
iPhone Developer certificate - created fresh today (7th June 2014), created via Apple Developer portal - Certificate is Valid
Provisioning Profile (via portal) created and allocated to above certificate and to my iPod Touch. 
Provisioning profile (via organiser) imported, and has status "valid Profile" - expired in 1 year's time. No other provisioning profiles.

iPod Touch - iOS 7.1.1
Shows up in Organiser, is plugged directly into Mac MINI USB, no settings altered on iPod Touch.

I've googled, fiddled, started from scratch (by revoking/deleting keys/certificates and reinstaling) - and it all comes back to the same error.

The keychain isn't corrupt, the connection is fine.

Any help would be appreciated.


Christopher Burke
(just starting iOS devleopment)

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