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Pretty surprised the Welk folk didn't bother to find out what a toke was, in this "modern spiritual," One Toke Over the Line, that he admired. It is a nice piece of spiritual, though, by Brewer and Shipley, that Welk did at the same time that they made Nixon's Enemies List along with a damning rebuke by VP Agnew before he was busted for racketeering or something like that. : -) Bloody fucking hell - You can't make this up.

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Watched 170 pound guy beat up 600 pound wrestler, on the ground!!! Danced around, not breaking knees ( life crippling ) or grabbing carotid-vagus ( easily life ending ). Then did something crazy and grabbed lower leg for takedown. Managed to beat up wrestler enough to keep him off his upper body, then somehow got a mount on the wrestler's back, and beat him up with impunity until quits. Guy not a blooddrinker cuz he could have ripped out the carotid.

My girl claims to be a Country fan yet has no clue who Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, etc are. So, she likes this old Kid Rock single that heavily samples Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London and Lynrd Skynrd's Sweet Home Alabama. Werewolf needs a better tailor and barber.

Wow, been bored with pro sports, so shocked as hell to fink out A-Rod's been suspended til or through 2014. What's shocking is that I'd assumed he had been put out to pasture years ago. He's been done for a long time, and he never was a winner.

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Got back from Music City, Nashville. Eldest toured Vanderbilt, and we soaked in music. Contemporary Country may disappoint greatly, but Nashville doesn't.

Perhaps best exemplified by someone like Vince Gill, Country legend. Ex-Pure Prairie League, in his younger days he was asked by Mark Knopler to join Dire Straits, and he's been a featured picker on ( Clapton's ) Crossroads Guitar Festival. Of course, he's been over the top commercially, in Country, for some time now, legendary, yet still plays one night a week for a honky tonk band and $30-50 in share of take, because he's a picker that wants to get better.

We heard hundreds of Vince Gills, old gummers, babies, playin their hearts out, for tips. Bar stage buskers, basically ( by day experience, nights we were at joints like the Opry, Wednesday night at Loveless Barn, river concerts, Hall of Fame, Ryman, tours, so don't know what honky tonks were like by night ). By day was a treat, mostly the full range of traditional country, and so so many ( majority perhaps ) were session quality - A few unskilled fuckwits covering some of the catchy contemporary pop junk with a twang, so of course you walk on by til you hear something good ten foot down the block. Of course we saw the killer shows too, Grand Ole Opry, Loveless Barn Music City Roots, etc, and everything in between.

I'm more a Blues and R&B guy, but like most authentic American Roots music, and Nashville really hits it in the honky tonks, joints like Loveless, and an Opry lineup that matches your tastes ( some nights they'll throw up stuff I can't stomach such as Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, etc, as the Opry is more inclusive than exclusive, so pick and choose your poison ).

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Hahaha. Smaller, softer, older, kickasser. Yep, guess its true: It's not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog. Middle-aged doctor beats hell out of career MMA dude in stand up and on the ground :- ). Great natural - Straight-ahead no-angling assault is a little ho hum, though ( but results were pretty devastating ).

The career MMA dude is in the wrong line of work - He just aint got the heart for it - Doc shouldn't have been able to beat him up on the ground as easily as he did - He's too afraid of gettng hit, so has that reflexive head cowering and the poor sucker even ducked numerous times ( still a target, but one that can't see what he'll get hit with next :- ). A real fighter would block, bob-and-weave, angle, and assault. Or perhaps 120 degree rear-corner-square-step into a sideways bob and weave instantaneously transitioning into a fast step up and in to assault.

The poor sucker only went in two directions, briefly foward, BOOM, and a lot of time backpedalling, BOOM. The only time he went sideways was when he got backed up against the ropes, but I guess he did have the sense to get off the ropes.

Younger, bigger, stronger, gets a hell of a beating. Too funny.

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Don't worry, be happy :- )

We want to hear you say it
The only part of government that actually listens

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Hahaha: "'Built a PC for a friend. He calls me up 1 week later complaining that it's slow. This is what I find . . ."
- - - from

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Hahaha. Pizza, Cheetos-like munchies, and beer would be logical brand extensions. Unfortunately, I think Twinkies and Snowballs are kaput - Hmrf, maybe he could private label them :- ) His first rule of business in this sort of business is to not be your best customer :- )

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Pope Francis finds out he's a Vatican hood ornament

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Hahaha. Keeper. Schmuckster hucksters should read his blog and his blog.
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