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It's impossible to report bad ads to AdWords help these days.  In the entry box where it says "Please copy and paste the ad's link location of the first ad", I've tried even simple "" entries, and it still says, "Please try reformatting."

On a side note, I had to pick the ads URL out of the page inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+I), because right-clicking on the title had no link that could be copied.  It appears to be a div id - I picked the URL out using Firefox's page inspector function.

For reference, this is a $6 flashlight ( ) being sold for $50 as a claimed $200 flashlight ( )

A couple of clues to the scam were things like "military technology" and the photo showing perfect light coverage of a building with no falloff towards the edges.  Oh, and this reddit thread when I did some digging.

<div id="bay_ad_overlay_container" onclick="';sub2=policegeo&amp;sub3=Lawndale', '_blank')">
    <div id="bay_ad_text_box_container">
      <div id="bay_ad_opacity_box"></div>
      <div id="bay_ad_text_box">Los Angeles Police Urge Residents To Carry This With Them At All Times</div>

If you do not take some action (move, fire) within ten seconds, the enemy ships get a chance to move or attack. Losing one's turn if one doesn't make an action within 10 seconds turns me off of the game, regrettably.  One of the appeals of turn-based games, especially single-player ones, is being able to take one's time.

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Some of the most entertaining stories:

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Gee, and I thought my dad had scary airplane experiences in the Philippines.  Like the time the airliner stalled twenty feet off the ground (while turning for another pass) and made a hole with its landing gear in the runway, and it took three days before they could fix it.

Are you having any problems charging your Kindle Fire? (you know who you are, all of you, even if I don't)
It's become extremely difficult on mine. I finally RMAed it today, and the tech said it happened to him too. If so, one might want to consider RMAing it while it still has a few months on its warranty.

They ask some questions such as your amazon login e-mail address, name, shipping address on file, and if the device has been dropped into a salty undersea cavern and then used to beat off a kraken.

They made sure I had a card on file so they could cross-ship me a new one, but I expect they could also do a return-and-replace in the absence of a card.

I like Google+ a great deal better now that I figured out how to turn off the completely unrelated "What's hot on Google+" posts.

- Click the question mark at the top right of the post and then click "what's hot".
or click on Explore on the left side of the page (third button down from "Home").
- Adjust the slider near the top right to 'Show nothing from this stream in your "All circles" stream'.

Much more focused.

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If you want a page added to the Internet Archive, you can prepend the URL with "".  I've been waiting for a Firefox plugin to come along that would do this automatically, but so far have been disappointed.

They could have thousands of autonomous, human-driven crawlers out there archiving the web if it ran in the background.

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Burger King was recently purchased by a British company. We were wondering why they suddenly had three flags flying

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I have horizontal-sliding windows, and lacked the equipment to mount the air conditioner on the edge of the window (besides, I didn't want to be the only one in my apartment complex with an air conditioner visible from the street).

So I came up with this arrangement. The outer box you can see allows the air conditioner to draw in ambient outside air from around the edges.

Not visible is the interior extension box in the center attached without gaps to the air conditioner that allows the air that's been heated by the radiator fins to be blown out the window in the center, with minimal recirculation of hot air.

I've also moderately insulated the outer box with a couple of layers of thin packing foam sheet, to help minimize outside warmth transmitted into the room. Likewise, I've insulated the inner exhaust tube (box) to reduce heat radiated to the intake air.

It's super effective!

Note: I have a drip pan under it, but it seems that this Frigidaire* air conditioner is designed to pick up some of the condensed water and splash it around in the vicinity of the radiator fan, eventually evaporating it. Perhaps as a result, very little water collects in the drip pan.

*-(Frigidaire 12,000btu model FAC127S1A)

P.S. Hopefully this posts the right photos. There seems to be a misalignment between what I click on in my gallery and what gets shown).
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