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Friends and I have talked about SEO and video. I think Google+ is the turning point. What do I need on my Google+ page – Pictures, Diagrams Images Video – CONTENT.The new “+1″s are currently appearing in the search pages for users that are logged in to their Google accounts.
How soon will this start to influence those users who are not logged in. Popular because of the +1 could mean a dramatic increase in the ranking of the page to all users.Google has built upon some of the best features of other existing social media sites as my sons keep telling me. They are trying to make this searching more about people than about content. This could be a radical change in the way that search engines work. Don’t worry about looking for something, instead find someone who knows, uses it instead. Google+ and the +1 button are empowering users to influence other peoples’ online activity and this in turn will influence in turn how the search engines have to work.
This isn’t SEO in the traditional sense, writing code , adding content to keep the search engines happy, but now this could become a popularity contest. Advertising might have to change or adapt to the new environment. New ways will be required to get your page to number one. Maybe it might even be an end to the webpage as we know it.
Time will tell.
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