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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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Richard Flanagan
G oodbye Old Cobber His father’s
experience as a war prisoner was a long shadow over the life of Richard
Flanagan, and has affected him both as a novelist, and as a son. Flanagan is an
Australian Hemingway with an impressive body of work and an iconic style...

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Finally Free
  L eft
work late, starving. I headed to Martin Place. Cold and wintry, I saw a
different Sydney where people were queuing in front of a van distributing free
food. I
joined, noticing no one noticed me, even that red tie -too stiff around my
neck- didn’t do...

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Highways to nowhere: An interview with taxi driver
P hone rang; still dark
and I knew he is here to pick me up. In his cab, with lights
blinking, microphone talk and radio on, Carlo was busy but calm as usual. His
confidence and courtesy always gives an impression of being with a Captain, the
one you st...

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Refugees without borders
I found this page interesting on the net Finished work, late as usual, I head
to Martin Place at 9:30 pm Another wintery cold night, but the
queue was long to the van distributing hot meals for free...

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