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The Louvre || Paris

Photographing Paris at sunset over the last 8 days has been an absolute joy. I’ve had remarkable light during my visit and the resulting skies have been nothing short of incredible. I know I’ve been saying this all week but I must’ve done something to please the weather gods. Either that or my reverse raindance finally worked! 

On my second evening exploring the grounds of the Louvre, I really wanted to capture the beauty of the entire square. As I set up my gear front and center, I was treated to a vivid sunset and as the city lights began to turn on for the night, the sky continued to transform with even more beautiful colors. 

Needless to say, the Louvre is an extremely busy place in August. With hundreds of people roaming around and enjoying the view, it was impossible to capture a clean shot. Combining all the exposures and removing the people in post was a ton of work but hey, that’s all part of the fun! :)

For Post-processing details and camera settings visit:

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