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Welcome to the dictatorship

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Some thoughts on DM Guides - review of LOTFP Ref's Guide and How to Run by Smolensk
I like to think I'm a fine connoisseur of DM's guides, but frankly, I read mostly internet stuff about it. In other words, my main guides are the specific ideas for dealing with specific issues that arise at the table, because blogs often address these idea...

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Ironlands Gazeteer
Short gazetteer on the campaign setting for my home game. It's basically Game of Thrones with some warhammer and birthright from tsr mixed together. I like politics and knights in my game, and don't mind some over-the-top warhammer-isms. The Faith of the Th...

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Campaign Changes & D&D 5e Review
So we started a new campaign a few months back (August?). The Tolkienish North Kingdoms campaign has been set aside althought not totally shut down, but there was alot of cruft accumulated around the characters that was making it difficult for them to have ...

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North Kingdoms: the Search for Shotey
After the death of Shotey, the companions gathered his body in Nymeria's raven cloak and set forth to find the Witch of Oakrest who had sent them to kill the ancient spider, Goliant. Perhaps they reasoned, they could ask her to bring back his spirit from ac...

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blog update
The problem I've noticed with my hands off style and seat of my pants DMing is that the players lose track of all the campaign details and plotlines I put out there. Players normally can't even track the 1-3 major NPCs they interact with, but they do rememb...

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Into the Bleakwood: Session Recap 3
The companions entered the Bleakwood to hunt the ancient spider, abandoning for the time being their broader quest to kill the Khan of the Variags for their ally King Robert. Entering the wood, they learned of an oppressive spirit that had been spotted: the...

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After emerging from their encounter with the spider's of the forest, the companions entered the town of Oakrest. At first their way was barred by a guardsman, who was killed for asking for a bribe. (Right, I think so? He may have just been bribed...) . The ...

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Session Recap (7/12/15): Giant spider ambush
  (still debating whether obsidian portal or a simple blog is better) Characters: Prudence Noaks the Dragonslayer (Hobbit) Hazad (Man Ranger/Specialist) After freeing the hobbit village of Reedhollow from the harsh and
exploitative rule of Lord Brythnoth, ...

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Two things to fix the horribly sucky new G+ layout (yay, now I can't even recommend google plus to my friends over facebook because its intuitive and clean! thanks g+ team!): 1. download stylish plug-in fix:, 2. control + to embiggen. #whitespace
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