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This week's #thriftscorethursday has brought the vintage fun and flair once again. Check out my thrifty picks:

Or, submit your own by adding the hashtag #thriftscorethursday to a photo on Instagram or Twitter!

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I am totally in love with these vintage canisters from +Brynne Delerson of The Gathered Home! She shared her finds for this week's #thriftscorethursday . Tag your photos on Instagram or Twitter to join the fun!
It's week 3 of #thriftscorethursday! My find and features from last week are up on the blog:

+Trisha D & +Megan Poletti are sharing their finds & features as well!

You can get in on the fun as well by using #thriftscorethursday  when you share a picture of a thrifty find on Twitter or Instagram! (Whether from a #thriftstore , #garagesale , #craigslist , #estatesale , #dumpsterdiving  - or what have you!)

We can't wait to love, like, retweet and otherwise adore whatever awesome finds you share!

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The first episode of my new video series, (Re)invent Life, has finally been created! I'm so excited to share this new project with you, and I hope to eventually make it a great forum for interaction and discussion. 

Co-hosted by +Allegra Stein and +Jacqui Amidon, (Re)invent Life's first episode is all about life resolutions. We talk about managing anxieties, living in the "now," and using techniques like yoga to bring us all more to the present moment.

Watch, get to know us, and respond with your comments on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook with #reinventlife . We would love to hear your thoughts about the topic! 

Our next episode will be in a month and it will be a live broadcast, so get ready to participate!

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Do you love thrift stores and finding awesome treasures? Do you love sharing your crazy steals and scores with others?

The Gathered Home (+Brynne Delerson) Black and White Obsession (+Trisha D) & Rental Revival (+Megan Poletti) are teaming up to bring you #thriftscorethursday - an exciting new blog series where YOU get to share your awesome thrift store finds with US!

The fun starts TODAY, so get to snapping some pictures and sharing them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the "thriftscorethursday" hashtag!

Check out my #thriftscorethursday find on

If you ever need an excuse to hit the thrift shops, this is it.

#thriftscorethursday #thrifting #thrift

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DIY MASON JAR PLANTERS from Rental Revival!

Use your mason jar planter to store utensils, keep dried flowers, or grow some little plants of your own. (The plants I used for this project back in May have since died because they were too big! I recommend tiny succulents!)

For this project you will need:

1) Miracle Gro Potting Mix
2) Small pebbles or rocks
3) 3 glass jars
4) Wooden board of any kind (big enough for 3 jars to go horizontally or vertically, your choice)
5) 3 plants for the jars (I used succulents)
6) 3 stainless steel adjustable pipe clamps (I used the 3-1/16" -- 4" size)
7) Short screws for attaching clamps to wood
8) Long screws for attaching wood to wall
9) A drill with drill bits and screwdriver attachments
10) Decorative paint for wood (optional)

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#HometalkTuesday #MasonJarCrafts #Succulents #DIY #Crafts #Gardening

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Check out my guest post on Ma Made Creations!
Today's guest post is from +Megan Poletti at +Rental Revival! Megan did a great tutorial on how to make a cute double #crochet  winter scarf! Stop by and check it out!! #tutorial   #crochetscarf  

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Here's an easy and quick DIY garland to add a little extra sparkle to your holiday decor. You only need two supplies, and one of them is your hand!

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#christmas   #crafts   #DIY   #christmas2013   #christmastree  

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It's holiday crunch time! You need some rockin' Christmas tunes to get moving. Look no further than my "A Very Rental Revival Xmas!" playlist!

Happy holidays!

#christmas   #playlist   #christmasmusic   #holidaymusic  

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Check out my friend Trisha D's Black and White Christmas (with a dash of red)!
This black and white obsessed girl decorated her tree in none other than Black and White, with a dash of red (for the beau). Stop on over to see how we scored most of our ornaments for under $1.

Read now:

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 #HolidayHomeTour #christmas2013 #christmas #christmasdecor #christmasdecoratingideas 

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Only 9 days until Christmas! Here's The Gathered Home's Christmas wishlist!

We're taking it light on Christmas gifts this year, but sometimes it's just fun to window-shop! 
(Who knows, you might get a great last-minute Christmas idea!)

What's on your Christmas wishlist - realist, unrealistic, practical or impractical? I'd love to hear!

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#christmas   #christmas2013   #christmasgiftsforwomen   #christmasgiftideas   #christmaswishlist  
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