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Dilophosaurus wanna be. 
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Damian Settle

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Investigative Journalism in Darwin....subtle as a brick

"I've just been down to Shags for a bit of.... Craic.... "

wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  
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u frank
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Please fund this wonderful imitative.
I have cerebral palsy, but a truckload of therapy, surgery and physio helped me walk, balance, move and be able to use my left side fairly well. 

So I can really see the need for this crowdfunding project by the #CPAlliance  

It's raising money for toys to help kids with motor and muscle problems get the therapy they need to help use their hands. 

If you can give up a pizza or a case of beer this week to support it, you'll be a legend in my eyes.
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Education should be free (or at least affordable).
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My tips for round 2.









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Hey queer lover how's the asshole today ?
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Associate Professor Samir Samman, from the School of Molecular Bioscience at the University of Sydney, says there is little evidence to suggest that organic food is nutritionally better than conventional food

"Our review showed [that] when all the published articles on this topic are considered, organic food is reported to contain more vitamin C and phosphorous than conventionally produced food,"

Professor Samman says. "[But] when the articles are scrutinised for scientific quality, and only the better-quality articles are considered, only phosphorous remained significantly higher in organic food as compared with conventional foods.

"Phosphorous is not in any way a limiting nutrient in the diet.  

We conclude from the analysis that the nutrient composition differs very little between foods that are produced by organic and conventional methods."
"Some health professionals believe that organic foods have more nutrients and elicit favourable effects on health," 

"This advice is given despite the lack of scientific evidence to support it."  

Organic farming has become such a big business that it's now facing the same problems as other agribusiness. "The more that the organic supply increases, the more likely it is to be detrimental to the environment in a sense, because we have to get the food transported to the cities, we have to get it mass produced and we have to use some of the equipment that conventional farming uses,"
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I can't wait till they invent GM beer.... That can be picked fresh 
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On November 7, 2013, Pope Francis gave his personal blessing to Golden Rice (GR). Why is this significant? Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) is responsible for 500,000 cases of irreversible blindness and up to 2 million deaths each year. Particularly susceptible are pregnant women and children. Across the globe, an estimated 19 million pregnant women and 190 million children suffer from the condition. The good news, however, is that dietary supplementation of vitamin A can eliminate VAD. One way that holds particular promise is the administration via GR, which had been engineered to produce large amounts of vitamin A. A 2012 study by Tang et al. ( published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that 100-150 g of cooked GR provided 60% of the Chinese Recommended Intake of vitamin A. Estimates suggest that supplementing GR for 20% of the diet of children and 10% for pregnant women and mothers will be enough to combat the effects of VAD.

Unfortunately, public misconceptions about genetically modified (GM) organisms have prevented GR from being available to the countries most affected by VAD. One such country is the Philippines, where more than 80% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic and field trials of GR are nearing completion. An official blessing of the church, therefore, could do a great deal to build support, allowing the Philippines to serve as a model for many of its neighbors on the potential health impacts of widespread availability and consumption of the golden grain.

#greenpeace #GM #GoldenRice
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Even Mr. Rockefeller withdrew his support... That tells me a lot more than you do
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via GetUp! It's happened. After years of insisting coal seam gas mining poses no threat to our water supply, a Santos CSG project has poisoned an aquifer in north-western New South Wales.1 

This is the first time an aquifer has been proven to be contaminated by coal seam gas mining in Australia. 

Now, it's filled with uranium at 20 times the safe drinking water levels, and has elevated levels of arsenic, lead, aluminium, nickel, barium and boron. And the penalty handed down to Santos? A paltry $1500 fine. Unbelievably, two days after the fine was issued, the NSW State Government signed an agreement with Santos to fast-track their coal seam gas development in the Pilliga Forest. 

It's clear. Our governments won't stand up against dangerous projects that threaten our land, our water and our communities. Looks like it's up to the rest of us. 

Are you a Santos shareholder? If so, there's an amazing opportunity for you to be directly involved in Santos' AGM. Already, 50 shareholders have put their name to a resolution calling on Santos to halt its huge CSG project in north-western NSW. But the resolution can only be put to a vote if 50 more shareholders sign on in the next few days. 

The AGM is being held in May, and is the perfect opportunity to voice our opposition to these dangerous projects. When shareholders meet to discuss the direction of the company, let's make sure they know exactly how Australians feel about the CSG developments ruining our water supply and the Pilliga Forest. 

Santos executives and shareholders alike need to know that Australia simply won't stand for anyone gambling with our precious natural resources for short term profits. 

If we can build a huge petition, you can be sure we'll be in the minds of Santos' shareholders when they make decisions about the company's future. 

This isn't the only time Santos' CSG projects have damaged the Pilliga. Earlier this year, 10,000 litres of untreated toxic CSG waste was spilled into the forest. Worse still, Santos failed to report the incident to authorities.2 Alongside uranium, chemicals pumped deep into the ground for CSG mining include methanol, used for explosives; naphthalene, used in napalm; and hydrochloric acid, used to strip metals. 

The stakes are simply too high to have these projects anywhere near our precious groundwater. 

This news proves what what we've known all along — the risks CSG pose to our water supply are just too great. Let's demand better from our governments and our energy companies. 

PS. If you own more than $500 in Santos shares, there's an incredible opportunity to help protect New South Wales' water supply from dangerous coal seam gas projects. Click here to find out more and get involved: 

[1] Santos coal seam gas project contaminates aquifer. Sydney Morning Herald. March 8, 2014 
[2] Govt urged to act after Santos CSG fine. Nine News National. March 8, 2014

#csg   #watersecurity   #santos   #endfossilfueldependence  
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I find myself doing a lot of driving these days...Particularly between kununurra and darwin... I've done 10,000 kms in 3 months... Anyway as there is little to no radio reception I listen to lots of podcasts... Mostly from the ABC or BBC or NHK , but I recently found this in my playlist....
Oscar Wilde' 'importance of being Earnest'.
It is a free podcast and I highly recommend this to all... Probably the funniest thing you will hear this side of the Outback.

=> via @Podcast_Addict
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Glad to hear you are liking this podcast. This play is considered  one of the classics. A great story.
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