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I think I need to terminate myself as there is a significant amount of White on this page. Which i am not high enough clearance to view. 

Hello everyone, names Frazer. I wish I could play games at the moment but as far as I know there isn't anything round about my neck of the woods. I therefore spend my spare time reading rulesets and planning in case I get a group together.

Well why not right? My #7rpgs  apologies I can't upload a photo at the moment. In no particular order:

The Edge of Midnight - First game I ever played, while looking back on it I don't really like the system that much. I do however like the Noir but with magic element of it and the magic system is interesting to say the least.

Vampire the Masquerade - This was my second game and I played a ton of it while at University. It's where I matured as a player and began to make characters rather than templates.

Paranoia - The first game I ever purchased for myself and the first I ever ran. The game flopped pretty quickly (I was trying to run three interacting stories at the same time.) But it was that first time behind the GM screen none the less.

The Dresden Files RPG - This was my first successful campaign I learned a lot of tricks and hopefully got abit better as a GM. Furthermore it was my gateway into FATE which I am quite happy with. 

Farewell to Fear - I haven't actually played it yet but the idea of a fantasy rpg wherin you change the status quo intrigues me. 

D&D 3.5 - It's the source of my favorite character to ever play. No fancy reasons he was just a lot of fun.

Shadowrun - A game I have never played but I really like the idea of and would really really like to. 

So I figured out what to spend my birthday money on. Assassins Creed 3. It arrived today and I have spent a lot of time playing it.

Short review: I like it quite a lot.
Longer Review: It's very similar to the others in the series, if you like those I would entirely recommend it (if it's not broke don't fix it kind of mentality.) A particularly high point is that they have streamlined a lot of things, which I like. Furthermore free running in the wilderness across trees is brilliantly organic and is a surprising amount of fun for what little you are actually doing. 

Downsides they same flaws I found in the others are still there, combat is still kind of a joke and boils down to waiting for the enemies to attack so you can counter kill them in one move. Plus I find that alot of time between missions is somewhat dead as so far not many side missions have came open so I spend my time running from one end of the map to another. 

One last thing I just hit my first navel mission which was brilliant they are alot of fun.

Listening to Hotel California by the Eagles, why do I see this as a location in the Mad City from Don't Rest Your Head? "You can can check out anytime you like but you can never leave" indeed.

In related news I really would like to get a game of DRYH going at some point. 

Oh dear, while rolling up an idea for a Dresden Files RPG character I may have accidentally created what amounts to Blue Devil from DC Comics. Particularly when he was working at the Oblivion Bar. I suppose for the most part I probably don't need to worry that people will recognise the influence. It's not exactly like he's the most popular character. 

So I ask, does anyone else make accidental obscure references?

Remarkably I seem to have managed to get most of my chores for today sorted before 11AM. While yes i had little that I needed to do I still expected it to take much longer than this. Huzzah 

Today my day has been odd. It has consisted of either Pathfinder or Football. I also got a little distracted from learning the rules by accidentally creating a character concept I have had knocking about in my head for awhile. Now I just need a game shame I don't know anyone in Middlesbrough +UK Role Players anyone have any ideas?

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This is quite brill, although I can't see why I would need it.
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So I just checked this out, it's only just started but give it a look and it might be up your alley. 
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