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I'm a strange one. Deal with it :P
I'm a strange one. Deal with it :P
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This is Me! (Again)
Whats up buttercups? So yeah. I'm doing one of these again. Why?  Because I've changed again. I still have a passion for science, but I've changed from physics to chemistry, and then my passion for mystery brought about my new interest in Archaeology. I now...

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Stay Positive! Everything will work out :)
Hello there Earthlings! Its been a while eh? So recently, I have been struggling over the fact that I am in year 11. I was coping pretty well up until the the end of term one when my brain suddenly went: 'Oh god! I've only got one year to go until I graduat...

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Fifty Shades of Grey ~ Review
Movie Review Number Two!!!! Movie Title: Fifty Shades Of Grey . Okay, so I know that I don't do a lot of these reviews, but as this film has so many people talking about it, I thought I should. I watched Fifty Shades yesterday with a bunch of friends, and d...
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