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Trump: His Breathing and Our Breathing

Did you notice Trump's breathing during his inauguration speech? I need to admit that when I watched his speech on TV, I did not pay attention to his breathing. Then one of my students told me that surprisingly Mr. Trump was breathing through his nose while delivering his speech. Not an easy skill for someone who does not practice Breathing Normalization!

I became curious and decided to check on Trump's breathing....Click below to continue reading

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The Buteyko Breathing Normalization method is effective for any kind of breathing difficulties, including snoring and sleep apnea. From the perspective of this method, both health issues, snoring and sleep apnea, are indications of over-breathing or hyperventilation (especially mouth breathing).

No matter how long you have suffered, it's never to late to try something new. With this all natural and holistic method it is safe for adults and children of all ages to try. Our Breathing Normalization programs help people to sleep quietly and without CPAP.

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Would you like to learn Breathing Normalization method but just can't afford the full Level 1 training? The BUTEYKO ROADMAP: ONLINE GROUP COURSE is the perfect solution!

- Full Level one course without full course pricing
- Small class size so you get the attention you deserve
- Work directly with Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of Breathing Center and Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist
- Full array of download versions of educational materials: video, audio, and books!


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Buteyko Roadmap: Online Group Course
Would you like to learn Breathing Normalization method but just can't afford the full Level 1 training? This online group course is the perfect solution! Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialists Robert Operman and Sasha Yakovleva will provide you with a roadmap to better health using the proven, time tested techniques of K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD. During this course you will participate in five sessions (two hours each) over a two week period from the privacy of your home. The trainers will guide you with step-by-step instructions on all of the exercises and methods necessary to dramatically improve your breathing and your health, as well as educate you on the relevant scientific and historic background you need to fully appreciate and apply this wonderful holistic method of health restoration.

Each of the 5 sessions will consist of: 1 hour of interactive lecture; 30 minutes of breathing exercises; and then 30 minutes of questions and answers.This is a live event, not a recording!

For more information and to register click below.

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Click below to get your FREE Download of Adenoids Without Surgery book. Adenoids Without Surgery is an Illustrated guide for adults and children containing breathing exercises and lifestyle recommendations. Available free for a Limited time only. 

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Breathing During Sleep For Children
Since children are asleep for about one-third of each day, it is critical to address breathing issues during sleep. Nighttime breathing is usually even more excessive than daytime breathing. In addition, since we cannot consciously control over-breathing during sleep, sleeping encourages over-breathing.

Many children with asthma and other breathing problems sleep with their mouth open. Their respiration is loud and often accompanied by wheezing. They snore and often stop breathing for a while, eventually developing sleep apnea. They often wake up with a stuffy nose or throat and often start coughing right away. All these conditions are caused by over-breathing and can be stopped by light nasal breathing. How? Read this article in full here.

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Listen to Sasha’s radio interview concerning Hillary’s pneumonia.

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Protect Yourself and Others!
We are surrounded by people. We go to a shopping mall and expose ourselves to germs carried by others. At school, children exchange their air-borne viruses. A relaxing night in a restaurant could end up with pneumonia, just because a waitress sneezed. Overcrowded events, for instance, such as presidential debates or football matches, might not represent a danger of a bomb explosion but definitely represent a danger of catching a deadly infection.

​This goes both ways. What about your impact on others? When you have flu, for example, do you lock yourself at home to protect others from your virus? The majority prefers to keep up with their lives by suppressing their symptoms. Let’s imagine a day of a woman who wakes up not feeling well with influenza. First, she takes medication to make herself functional; then, she has coffee with her husband; drives her toddler to a kindergarten; stops at the post office and goes to work. She works as a receptionist in a hotel. People. People. People. They surround us. Even if you are a very responsible person, there is no simple way to protect others from your air-borne germs.

Except one! An ancient one! A super-basic one! And the natural one!

(Read the full article in our Blog section)
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