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Mystery Science Theater is... coming back?
For those not in the know by now, Joel Hodgson started a Kickstarter campaign in November in order to fund a new production season of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The principals have been cast  -- Jonah Heston as the human riffer, Baron Vaughn and Hampton...

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#2LR Too Late Reviews -- Europa Universalis IV (EU 4)
Weirdly enough, strictly speaking this is not one of my too-late reviews... the thoughts that I have below are directly related to changes that Europa Universalis IV has undergone since I've purchased the game in March of 2015.  I bought EU4 during one of t...

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#2LR Too Late Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
I suppose if anything was going to get me to write Too Late
Reviews again, it would be a show that I obtained a couple years ago and didn’t
bother attempting to watch for thirty months. 
Better yet, I finished watching this show about two months ago and did...

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Post-mortem of the #FireColbert situation:
I very rarely get exercised about things as they happen nowadays.  My whole presence on the Internet is predicated on trying to analyze things after-the-fact, to try to come up with new ways of looking at old movies, or fanfiction that has been published be...

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#2LR Too Late Reviews -- <i>Star Trek Into Darkness</i> and the art of the reboot.
Sequels have been around for pretty much forever in the annals of storytelling.  Even the Iliad had its Odyssey following it.  Of course, the continuity of characters and of relationships or situations makes it easy for viewers of the original to be able to...

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#2LR Meta Navel-Gazing Part 2 -- Inspiration
In the first meta navel-gazing post, I tried to go into part of the reason that I write these reviews... wanting to talk about art to other people, finding methods that make movies / television shows / anime series / video games work or not work, and wantin...

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#2LR Too Late Review: <I>Read or Die</I> the TV series
Review: Read or Die  the TV Series: I'm not sure that I can come up with much of an introduction to this anime series, because what I need to say pretty much comes after the summary in order to be understandable.  For those who want to hew to SPOILER SPACE ...

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#2LR Movie Review: <I>Oz, the Great and Powerful</I>
Okay, so here's how lazy I am... this was written about six weeks ago and not posted. I have the Read or Die posting scheduled to run midweek as well. Today’s 2LR is for the movie, Oz. The Great and Powerful.   In
full disclosure, I probably have seen The

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New FAQ posted at GameFAQs:
Yeah, you know all those super-long posts about Civ V?  I organized them as best and possible and posted them as a strategy guide/FAQ to  You can check it out by clicking on the link here .  By all means, if you have any comments or suggestion...

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Civilization V Tips and Walkthrough / Part 3 of 3
Walkthrough / tips for Civilization v:
Brave New World Episode 3/3(?) So much for organizing my thoughts.
Most of what I posted is beginning- and midgame tips and tricks.
There's still some residual beginning-game material, but most of what
is below will ...
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