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Mike Dunford
Father, husband, perennial student, budding legal scholar, and internationally recognized potential late bloomer
Father, husband, perennial student, budding legal scholar, and internationally recognized potential late bloomer

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Guess Who #1
It's a new year, and I'm going to start something I've been thinking about for years: a "guess who" puzzle. I've taken lots of pictures over the years. Lots of them have been of statutes, because statues don't screw up your shot by moving suddenly. I'm goin...

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No, Donald, Boeing isn't going to run right out and "price-out" a Super-Hornet that's "comparable" to the F-35.
It wasn't the first time, and - disturbingly - it probably won't be the last, but Donald Trump used his Twitter account to cause sharp and unexpected after-market stock price moves for two different companies yesterday. (Did those swings benefit Donald or h...

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We need to investigate Russia's interference in the election because it's a threat to our country. But we need to stop pretending it's why Trump won.
Our intelligence services are saying, "with high confidence," that Russia engaged in successful hacking of a number of people and institutions connected with the Clinton campaign, and was responsible for leaking the information they received to the public w...

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If you think Mitch McConnell committed treason, you need to stop and read the Constitution.
The title on this one should be self-explanatory, really.  Russia intervening in our elections is very, very bad. The fact that the United States Senate Majority Leader was too concerned with partisan advantage to agree to a unified approach to an external ...

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Right. Back to here.
Right. I apparently greatly underestimated how much effort Facebook has put into monetizing the Pages thing. If I want to keep my longer political commentary separate from my personal page, yet still be reasonably confident that posts will show up on friend...

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Sorry, #leave , but you're all UKIP now.
Britain is out. And now I find that I've got quite a few #leave friends who are suddenly anxious to make sure that I know that they aren't racists. That they did not vote leave because Nigel Farage made them afraid of mass rapes by migrants. That they voted...

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The most important legal case of this year was published last week. You've probably never heard of it.
The title of this post seem a bit click-baity, but it's not an exaggeration. The case that I'm going to discuss has a direct effect on Australia's public health efforts to require plain-packaging for tobacco products, will have a similar effect on other suc...

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Legal Schadenfreude: An Epic Pwning of Donald Trump's Lawyer
"Should your client actually be elected Commander-in-Chief, will you be the one writing the cease and desist letters to Vladimir Putin, or will that be handled by outside counsel?" - Counsel for Republican PAC to Counsel for Donald Trump Law can be fun some...

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Pernicious Right-Wing Nonsense: The "Donald Trump is no worse than Jimmy Carter" meme.
Apparently, there is nothing Donald Trump can say that is so outrageous that you will not find a right-wing apologist willing to defend it. Case in point: his call for a ban on allowing Muslims to enter the United States.  The idea itself is abhorrent to me...

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*tap tap Is this thing still on?*
It's been a long time, baby. But it turns out that I actually miss blogging - even if I'm my only reader.  I clearly haven't updated this thing for nearly a decade. I bailed from here to ScienceBlogs, from ScienceBlogs to Scientopia, and then wandered away ...
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