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B2B Online Marketing | Search, Social, Content
B2B Online Marketing | Search, Social, Content

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Our Latest Research: The State of B2B Lead Generation – Benchmarks for the Complex Sale

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New Post by Kelsey Jones - Why B2B Influencer Marketing is Your Next Big Thing 

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New blog post from +Ryan Young on how reporting can improve B2B blogging performance

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#Marketers Challenged to Deliver Better #Video Experiences to #Customers

As #agency and #brand marketers continue to develop video content, research suggests that they are still struggling to provide a better #customerexperience.

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4 Tools and Tactics to Generate More #Leads with #Baidu #PPC

As many #B2Bmarketers know, PPC is an effective way to generate leads in both #China and the US. However, to run an effective PPC campaign in China, #B2B #marketers need to have an understanding of cultural differences and the unique features of the Baidu PPC platform.

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#B2B Enterprise #Marketers are Inching Toward Sophisticated #ContentMarketing

Many B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy, but new research sheds light on how B2B enterprise marketers, in particular, are finding success with this tactic.

Why Personalized #Videos Are Dominating #ContentMarketing [Interview]

Earlier this year, Vidyard published research that showed how #customers respond to personalized #marketingvideos vs. non-personalized #videos. The “2017 Video in #Business Benchmark Report” showed that customized videos were viewed 35 percent more frequently than their counterparts.

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#Marketers Seek Technologically Advanced #Agencies for #Analytics Needs

When marketers review their relationship with agencies, they want to know that they are fully capable of utilizing data and analytics to the best of their ability, according to new research.

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Survey: #AI May Help #Marketers Solve Pressing #SEOChallenges

To gauge how marketers value SEO, SearchDex recently surveyed 100 industry professionals. Its research found that managing #SEO is still difficult for many marketers, and key challenges range from a lack of resources to poor in-house knowledge.
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