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Carrie Kaffer
Wife, Mom, Physician, Artist and Former Adorer of Wine
Wife, Mom, Physician, Artist and Former Adorer of Wine

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Sober Christmas #3
I just celebrated my third sober Christmas-  and am looking forward to a booze-free New Year's Eve. Not drinking isn't something I think much about these days- it's just something I do.  I'm getting used to saying "I don't drink"-  and am still surprised at...

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Sober Day #424- Happy Holidays! And What Next? What am I?
Happy Holidays!  My second sober Christmas!   Much lighter and easier than the first one!  Last year, the effort of Not-Drinking occupied most of my consciousness.  This year, Not-Drinking is a background habit, freeing me to focus on other things. Which is...

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Sober Day #294- Pushing my old drinking buttons!
Our trip to India was amazing! I'm sorting through photos, and will post a few here soon. I'm happy to report that not-drinking gets easier and easier.  Vacations I usually associated with permission to drink whenever?  A mimosa at breakfast?  Sure, this is...

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Sober Day #234- Visas Arrived!!
I'm not sure why I keep counting days- except that it gives me a sense of pleasure and accomplishment to see that number climb steadily higher.  So I will continue it for a while longer. Our visas for India arrived yesterday- Hurray!!  Next week we'll set o...

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Sober Day #223
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted.  But, as you see from this post's title, my absence doesn't mean I've deviated from my chosen path! I guess I've been busy digesting how to live differently, how to live sober.  And it is very different. Yesterd...

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Sober Day #164: Sober and a Cold
I've had a cold for the past few days.  Not a really bad one.  Just some runny nose, a bit of a headache and a touch of bronchitis. It's surprising me, how this feels.  My darling mother-in-law used to say, when she was feeling tired, "My get-up-and-go done...

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Sober Day #160- Alcohol, Time Zones and Jet Lag
Home again!  And what a very fun trip.  The journey home was smooth except for an agonizing 2.5 hours in various lines at US Customs in Toronto- but even that didn't drive me to drink!   In the past, travel- and fear of flying- was always an excuse for copi...

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Sober Day #157: Oxford without Wine
Oxford is an amazing city.  We have been walking and walking, craning our necks to see building details, reading from our guides about the history of this building or that.  To use a worn cliche, it is like walking through history!  And it is so interesting...

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Sober Day #156: So Much Alcohol
I did an experiment yesterday. I consciously looked for all mention of alcohol around me- billboards, newspapers, magazine, websites...   This is in the UK, but the prevalence of alcohol references is pretty much the same at home in the US. It is absolutely...

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Sober Day #154: Flights and Pubs without Wine
I did it!  My first long flight without alcohol.  Eight hours or so, Chicago to Heathrow.  It was an overnight flight.  I did not head to the bar as soon as I cleared security.  Fortunately, the past 5 months have given me numerous opportunities for domesti...
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