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A Little Shabby Configuration Box Full of Treasures
I have been playing around with this box for a couple of weeks. It had been hanging out in my rainy day pile (to steal what Yvonne normally says) and I finally dusted it off it off and glued all the pieces together. A layer of gesso combined with some shimm...

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Washi Tape Skinny Tube Bunny Box for THE CUTTING CAFE
Oh my. I do love having a nice little afternoon with my Silly, a fun cutting file, a glass of wine, and a show playing. Such a nice relaxing crafternoon. I can hear little people (that are taller than me) laughing as they play their game in the other room a...

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Snow Sculptures, Garage Shenanigans & a new lamp for Memorandum Monday
Oh goodness. This past week started with a two day snow storm (and lots of snow) and basically with no school & working at home, it was a lazy couple of days. I suspect due to hearing peepers and seeing daffodils pushing up before the whiteness covered us, ...

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Two Sleeps Until Our Silent Auction
Oh look at that collection of goodies all ready for our dinner and to be bid on! Those two little tables in the front are mine. They are rehabs. In fact the bigger one was quite a mess. Remember it? My friend Tom carved a little something on the top & botto...

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Fly to Italy Layout
Had to cut some butterflies the other day for a project and the pink paper that was left made a fun piece to start with for this page. PLUS, flamingos...I had been dying to use that paper.... Italy to me is quite exotic and I figured pineapples and flamingo...

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Pup Cakes & Extra DBs
Today is Duncan's birthday! Well technically we celebrated it yesterday as we moved it up a day so it matched the rest of the Pratt Brats. Lexi and I found a recipe we want to try to make a nice little pup cake that involves peanut butter and shredded carro...

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Gray is the New Yellow & a hand delivered card for Memorandum Monday
Judging by the paint cans in my closet, the interior of my house was painted in five different shades of yellow. Or maybe six. Not sure, but I think yellow was the in color at that point. Today, judging by the two people I have talked to lately who are pain...

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Jean's Hexagon Gift Box
Pretty little flowers, hand dyed ribbon, and a snappy looking new paper! This box rocks! Miss Jean hooked me up with it for hosting and I'm loving both the box and the presents inside it! Looking forward to trying that stamp and that shimmer ribbon. I reall...

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Sweet Treats Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE
ohhhhhh Paris, so close and yet so far....The oldest flew back through the Paris airport when coming home from Italy so got to sample just a little of what that amazing city would have to offer with a visit. She brought us home these GIANT macaroons. The ra...

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In Perspective for Memorandum Monday
Life's bumpy and at the moment I feel like we've been fighting a little more than normal to keep things running along smoothly at Pratt Inc. An oddly draining sink and some dryer drama tends to do that I think. All is well when you put things into perspecti...
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