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Did a bit of last-minute making in preparation for Maker Faire this weekend. Based on instructions from Make: Projects website. Jessie was a little nervous about using the Dremel on the plastic, but did fine. The girls enjoyed shrinking the heat-shrink on the wires.

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Hooray! I always like reading instructables, even with the frustration of not being a pro member. Will autodesk continue doing good things?

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Here's how I ended up voting. The problem was that I kept seeing great titles, and wanting to go back and change, but what to take off? In no particular order:

"The Stars My Destination" (Bester). This is a great classic, one of the original SciFi

"Neuromancer" (Gibson). Reading this one changed my perspective on Science Fiction

"Starship Troopers" (Heinlen). Tough to not just vote for all of his titles. I prefer the early works. Who wouldn't want the power armor?

"World War Z" (Brooks). Makes you believe that the zombie apocalypse happend

"Tigana" (Kay). Guy Gavirel Kay writes some great fantasy

"Anathem" (Stephenson). I wanted to vote all 3 of his books ("Snow Crash", "Diamond Age"), but this one really tops the list for hard sci fi

"Dark Tower Series" (King). I remember waiting for each sequel to come out.

"Earth" (Brin). One of my favorite authors, this one was a great stand-alone (would have also voted for the "Uplift" series)

"The Lord of the Rings" trilogy (Tolkien). The benchmark for fantasy

"The Lensman Series" (Smith). The original space opera. I literally read the covers off of these books
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