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Best abstract Wealth system in a game?

I'm working on character stuff for Modern LotFP and I don't want to deal with keeping track of real world currency like gold pieces. I need some guidance on abstracting budgeting and splurging on weaponry and climbing gear into a single die roll. 

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I am way too proud of this Magic Duels victory. 

Post generally about how people on the internet should hold themselves to a higher standard of discourse and the stupid defensive shit will hit you in seconds. 

r/rpg in a nutshell:

OP: Here is the Destiny D&D 5e hack I put together!
Everyone: Don't use D&D!

The fucking lack of imagination and creative support in these people...

I attended the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest is Chicago. I had no idea how much of it would be dedicated to Walking Dead. The most popular cosplay was far and way that Negan guy and replicas of his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat were for sale everywhere. It was weird seeing so many people fetishizing a murder weapon.

The whole convention was really weird. I'm just glad I was able to get some dirt cheap Magic boosters there or it would have been a complete bust. 

I'm accompanying a friend to a convention that is all about meeting celebrities. We are getting a picture with Brandon Routh. I'm expecting very little out of this experience. 

As of today I'm under 250lbs, down about 15 lbs since I started dieting. Still miss junk food but I can get used to this. 

Last night I spent 5 minutes talking up The Hobbit as a bedtime story with promises of trolls, dragons, elves and giant spiders, only to deliver with 45 minutes of dinner party. I'll be shocked if my son agrees to more of it tonight. 

Fiction in Game Books

Is it always boring or terrible? Are there any instances where the fiction parts of a book were better than the game material? Why is it always in an unbearable font?

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The environs surrounding the frontier town of Crowsmaw. #hexkit 

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