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Super Simple Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread
This is my go to cornbread recipe. Ever since I discovered this cornbread, I have never made store bought cornbread mix ever again! This recipe was just too easy and too delicious to make it any other way. It is always light, moist and bakes up perfectly. T...

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Record Store Day and Other April Happenings
Seems like April flew right by us. So much going on this past month that I can hardly keep up. Record Store Day took place on April 19th this year, and even though we didn't go to any brick and mortar stores, we were still able to grab a few things that we ...

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Happy 1 Year Blog
This month marks my one year of blogging. Sorry I've been gone for awhile, but sometimes you just need a little break. We've been working nonstop on the house. Finally painted the main living area and halls and we are having new flooring installed. I am so ...

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Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
I have to admit that I have never made a cheesecake before. Don't get me wrong, I love me some cheesecake, but I just never had the opportunity or desire to make one myself. I have on the other hand made cheesecake ice cream! The first one I made was a stra...

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Meyer Lemon & Cilantro Hummus
Last night I whipped up some meyer lemon and cilantro hummus for the week. I love using hummus for sandwich wraps and as a dip for veggies or pita chips. Hummus is incredibly easy and a lot cheaper to make yourself at home. This hummus recipe is one of my f...

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January Record A Day
If you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen that I have been posting a lot of records this month. Well, at least more than usual. One of the guys in a forum community that I am a part of ( ) created this great idea of p...

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Champagne Lobster Risotto ~ Homemade Dinner Date Night ~
Even though we usually eat dinner at home together, sometimes it's nice to make an extra special decadent dinner for a little at home date night. For Christmas I got a wonderful cookbook, Kitchen Revelry by Ali Larter . There was a recipe for champagne lobs...

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Orange Cranberry Bread
I made this delicious orange cranberry bread this morning. It was the perfect orange sweet bread with just a hint of chewy tartness from the cranberries and a beautiful sugary crisp crust.  I used the dried cranberries from the cranberry garland I made for ...

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Goals for the Year Twenty Fourteen
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We got a lot of good things out of 2013. I'm kinda sad to see it go, but there is much to look forward to in this new year. Already we have a new niece or nephew coming this year, some of our good friends are getting married, lots of new ...

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~ Christmas 2013 ~
We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Got some new records, clothes and my personal favorite kitchen/cooking toys!!! We spent lots of time with our crazy lovable families, and it was nice to have our own little Christmas this year too. I am so blessed to ...
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