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Cartoonist, Programmer, Beginner Musician
Cartoonist, Programmer, Beginner Musician


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Today's Not Invented Here strip begins a sequence about forking open source projects. I confess I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to such things, so I did a bunch of research and I hope I got it right.
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UPDATED: Swapped Muppets and Tintin

Friday is my birthday, and I'm resuming an old tradition of spending it watching as many movies as possible. You're invited! And if you don't live in Seattle, I plan to live tweet between shows.

The following table imported REALLY POORLY but hopefully you can still figure it out.

Where Time Movie Length Finished

Meridian 11:39 AM The Muppets 1h 38m 0s 1:32 PM
LUNCH 0h 28m 0s
Pacific Place 2:00 PM Tintin 1h 41m 0s 3:56 PM“DINNER” 1h 4m 0s Meridian 5:00 PM Young Adult 1h 34m 0s 6:49 PM
Meridian 6:45 PM My Week with Marilyn 1h 36m 0s 8:36 PM
Pacific Place 8:50 PM Tinker Tailor Solider Spy 2h 7m 0s 11:12 PM
Egyptian Midnight Big Trouble in Little China
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Paul Southworth's reign as Not Invented Here artist comes to a close this week :-(
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For what it's worth I created pages for +Unshelved and +Not Invented Here. As they are COMPLETELY EMPTY I suspect it's not worth much, but perhaps in future they will be worth more?
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Greeting [Card]s from Unshelved! Because you asked for it! In writing.
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We arrived back home Friday at 10:40pm after ten days on the road that featured a fun camping trip, a 14 hour day getting from South of Mt. Rainier to Parksville, BC, lots of wrestling with hotel wifi, a game of bumper boats, and a 9 hour trip back home. My wife informs me that her class was worth it all.

This weekend we have been unpacking, washing everything, and slowly knitting our lives back together. I've got two days to reform my strip buffer and then I leave on Wednesday for a talk in Pasadena to the staff of the Los Angeles County Public Library. My daughter is coming with, her first business trip with Daddy. A trip to Disneyland is in the cards as well.
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In the last few months Not Invented Here has featured random snapshots of my experience working at a startup in the late 90's. This one is the closest to being a verbatim transcript from a meeting I attended.
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I've spent much of this week working in cafes and hotel rooms on my still-new 11" MacBook Air. Here are some tidbits. At some point I'll assemble my thoughts into an article in the NIH blog.

* Battery life has been pretty poor, but then I am running Win 7 on VMWare Fusion. I think I know who the hog is here
* Full screen mode is handy but it feels like a giant hack, with lots of weird modal ticks that I'm still getting used to. I frankly can't believe a beginner would enjoy it. But I can tell I am trending positive on it because I wish more apps supported it, especially Fusion and Photoshop. They each have their own "full screen mode" but they doesn't link into Lion's screen-switching gestures. I think there's a way to assign them to their own screens, a la the old spaces, but I haven't had time to delve into it.
* Not missing my mouse
* Completely acclimated to the new scrolling directions
* Loving the new gestures. Today I've been especially enjoying three fingers swipe up to reveal Mission Control
* I will never ever use launchpad
* Recover from Suspend has been a little flakey, twice I've had to reboot
* Reestablishing wifi connection after opening the lid is guaranteed to fail twice then succeed. But I haven't tested this outside this hotel, where the wifi is... free, and that's the best thing I can say about it.

Canada is nice, clean, and much more expensive than the good old days when the US Dollar wasn't printed on borrowed paper.
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Tomorrow morning we're off to a campground near Mt. Rainier to spend five days camping with several dozen other Seattle-based homeschool families. The kids form into packs and roam around on bicycles, the adults form into packs and sit around drinking coffee and stronger stuff.

My favorite part is sitting around a campfire playing music and singing. I'm bringing my ukulele and guitar and just possibly my u-bass as well.

After that we head up to Parksville, BC where my wife is doing a week-long training. She was on the waiting list until a few days ago, so this is a rather hastily-formed venture. We're leaving straight from the campground, complete with bicycles, tents, and dog, and driving up to Port Angeles to take a ferry over to Vancouver Island.

The kids are going to day camp, where they will presumably learn to play hockey and spell words wrong. I'm bringing my tiny little MacBook Air on its first trip away from home. I hope it's not scared.
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You know, after all the fussing about circles I find I'm just posting everything to public after all.
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