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Mike Omar - Make Money Online
Make Money Online Teacher / SEO Specialist / Entrepreneur :)
Make Money Online Teacher / SEO Specialist / Entrepreneur :)


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Hi everyone!

After years of developing my SEO team and fine-tuning my ranking tactics and strategies, I finally feel comfortable offering an SEO service that I can associate with my LIONS CLUB website (which is the website that I'm most proud of). 

To lean more about this service, please visit High Quality Outsourcing:

And feel free to message me if you have any questions. :)


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My first interview and the only one I'll do for a VERY long time (if not indefinitely). :)

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, I'm actually quite private for being an
"online entrepreneurship teacher" (or whatever you want
to call it). While most of the people in this industry are quite
public (attending marketing conventions, networking, doing
interviews and seminars, etc., which there is nothing wrong with
doing that!), I'm usually doing backpacking trips around the
world and my current main residence is in Spain (where most of my
friends have no idea what I do haha). I don't really follow any
other blogs too closely and simply follow and test my own
methods...I value my time and want to keep my lifestyle truly
passive at the moment (maybe I'll change that later on). I have
yet to attend any marketing convention or do an interview....until

About a month ago Natasha Senkovich (a professional belly dancer
who combined her business with Internet marketing) reached out to
me about doing an interview (I always decline interviews). She told
me she wanted to interview several successful online entrepreneurs
and make that information available for free to inspire people to
try to start their own online ventures as well. After talking for a
bit and hearing about the scope of her event, the entire idea
really resonated with me, so I decided to do it.

Natasha is a super friendly person and extremely positive so
I'm excited to be a part of her project (a telesummit with
several speakers). This will be my only interview I do for a very
long time (if not indefinitely) so hopefully you'll listen to
it and enjoy it. :)

If you'd like to listen to my interview, as well as any of the
other 20 entrepreneurs, you can sign up by clicking here:

I hope you get a lot out of use these interviews! :)


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Hi everyone,

First off, thank you for all the supportive email replies to the
message I sent out a few days ago! They really meant a lot to me. :)

As most of you know, my YouTube account was suspended a few days
ago (without any explanation except a short generic "terms of
service" violation email with a no reply address). I've
dedicated hours and hours to making my YouTube channel and videos
the best they can possibly be, so obviously that was an awful email
to receive.

A lot of people have been asking why this happened and this is my
best guess: Google doesn't like people that teach others SEO,
and once someone's website / channel / etc. gets big enough and
they take notice, that person gets penalized (I doubt anyone from
Google actually watched the videos, because if they had, they would
have noticed that I encourage people to put up quality websites and
work with Google...this strikes me as a "one size fits
all" type penalty - very frustrating).

I've actually seen this happen to other online teachers in the
past that are in the online business / SEO niche. It's
extremely unfair, but it happens.

The good news is that my entire video course is now live on Udemy!
I've been working frantically for the past few days to get this
all fixed and updated, but now they're all there and working
properly, and all of my websites and book links have been updated
(time to finally get some sleep!!!).

I do have one favor to ask of you guys: If you guys do like the
video series or have watched them in the past and gotten some use
of them, a positive review on Udemy for any of the courses that
you've used would be greatly appreciated. You can find my
courses here:

Any questions you have I'll happily answer on Udemy or on my
website instead of YouTube from now on (obviously!).

Also, one more request: since I've been making so many updates
across my websites / books / etc. with replacing links and things
like that, I've been noticing occasional typos (not a lot, but
some!). If you see any typos on my websites, within my books,
newsletters, video descriptions, etc., please let me know so I can
fix them! This entire school is a one-man operation and I
don't have an editor. :)

One final note: I'm so sorry that this happened and for the
inconvenience guys! But no worries, I have no intentions of ever
going anywhere no matter who may want to get rid of me!

One final lesson that I'd like to point out with this whole
experience is the importance of having a mailing list! This is
especially true for bloggers. Without a mailing list, I
couldn't have communicated to everyone at once about what was
going on and this entire situation could have been much more
disastrous. It's the single quickest and most reliable way to
communicate with your audience about anything that might be going
on. If you have been considering starting a mailing list, the
lesson that teaches everything about how to do that can be found

Also, I've got a big announcement that I'll be making
sometime in the beginning of next year. It's a project I've
been working on for over a year! :)

Happy holidays and new year everyone!!!


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An to use the Google Keyword Planner!
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For those of you who haven't made your first website yet and have been holding off, today is the day to start! HostGator is offering 51% off all hosting packages for the next 14 hours. Sign up now before the sale ends! Full installation instructions to set up your first website can be found on my video lesson 1.1 (no coding knowledge required)! :)
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Same thing I've been saying all along....Black Hat link building is very short sighted! Keep your link building clean! 
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I just finished my latest ebook! If you have ever been interested in starting a blog that develops a loyal following (and makes money), this is a fantastic guide and resource on how to do that. And if you enjoy the ebook, please "like" the ebook on Amazon and give it a positive review. Thanks guys!
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