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Big Blessing in a Small Package
     One Sunday afternoon I was feeling restless and took Jaren for a walk down the street in the opposite direction from usual to see the house advertised for rent on a telephone pole notice.       “ Can we see Nala?” he asked about a neighborhood cat.    ...

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Driver's Ed
was second on the wait list for his school's winter driver's education
classes—free and assigned based on lottery draw due to the limited
slots in the popular twice per year classes. But then he moved up
and got in, hallelujah!      Amazing
to ...

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Molokai Blessings
got back from a four-day trip to the most beautiful of the Hawaiian
islands. About four years ago, we'd gone, and the people were super
friendly—the most friendly group of locals I'd ever met and Molokai
really lived up to its Friendly Isle nickn...

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Work your way to health! God bless!

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Work Therapy
studies suggest that going back to work as soon as possible after
certain illnesses and injuries speeds recovery—opposite
conventional wisdom that total bed rest cures fastest. About five
years ago, after a serious illness, while I was still und...

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Braden's continued Growth Pains
     Has your child ever told you F.U.? Mine has. I'm not proud of it. It wasn't to my face, but shouted outside our rental unit so that the whole neighborhood could here. I chuckled, bemused.      Deanne wondered at my reaction.      I said, “What am I...

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Appreciative Attitude
don't have many prophesies, but I did have one the other day. Jaren
had two events coming up, a Thursday scout meeting (with a rare
fun/educational activity) and a Saturday afternoon birthday party.
We'd already planned that I'd take him to the lat...

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Perspective—Part II
people at a church we've been visiting for the past month or so have
been so warm and welcoming—it's been such a blessing.      Pene
has virtually no social activity outside of family, church, and
school (where she's a member of the cross-country t...

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Hit and Run
work sends me out of town. After dropping Deanne off at the bus
stop, I fill gas, then head for the arterial that connects to H1
Freeway. We'd left early at 5:40m, my usual time, so it is still
dark.      A
red light. Trying to make a righ...

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More Travails
has shown some real improvements of late. After finally earning his first Boy Scout merit badge (Citizenship in the
Community—see my prior Braden essay, regarding), which I had
to exert tremendous force of will, persuasion, and persistence to g...
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