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Franco Fichtner
I like nifty things. I read a lot. Sometimes I write stuff.
I like nifty things. I read a lot. Sometimes I write stuff.


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OPNsense 16.1 released. Big step forward with FreeBSD 10.2, a new captive portal and high-speed intrusion prevention mode.

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We are now at 15.7. Time for a stable branch!

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Japanese translation team website is up! :)

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15.1.10. Long list of changes. Important ones too. Please read. :)

Post has attachment is here. :) From the announcement:

o captive portal: fixed rule generation on empty IP
o gui: print current user in upper right corner along with the hostname
o user manager: fixed empty password error when creating a new user
o high availability: don’t trigger sync when not configured
o interfaces: added the hn(4) interfaces as ALTQ capable
o configuration: do not overwrite the default configuration on firmware updates
o ipsec: fixed road warrior authentication
o openvpn: fixed client edit link
o ports: sqlite 3.8.9
o ports: strongswan fix for xauth (road warrior-related)
o ports: PHP 5.6.8
o ports: pkg(ng) 1.5.1
o development: kickstarted language support via English translation (.pot file)
o development: further progress on the proxy feature/MVC framework
o development: improved the live mount to propagate the mounted version into the dashboard

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Oh, look,  From the announcement:

o firmware: show a warning on pending system updates that need to be executed from the console
o system: "General Setup" and "Advanced" items have been merged into "Settings"
o system: "Certificate Manager" is now known as "Certificates", default tab changed as well
o services: introduce OpenDNS-based DNS filtering
o services: fixed start button layout when service is offline
o ports: fixed StrongSwan SMP socket bind on FreeBSD
o ipsec: brought back tunnel status reporting
o ipsec: fixed "Do not install LAN SPD" setting
o user manager: fixed group permission and privilege read bugs
o wake on lan: fixed "Cannot create references to/from string offsets nor overloaded objects" error
o openvpn: fixed server restart regression
o core: automatically enable TRIM on boot if available

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So this is 15.1.9. From the announcement:

o tools: install media live images now use the more flexible tmpfs(5)
o tools: cxgbe(4) is now compiled into the kernel
o ports: strongswan 5.3.0, openssh-portable 6.8p1, ntp 4.2.8p2
o src: reverted inconsistent carp(4) and pfsync(4) patches to retain standard FreeBSD behaviour
o src: fix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp (SA-15:07)
o src: fix denial of service with IPv6 router advertisements (SA-15:09)
o core: console upgrade now also triggers the unused package removal
o core: fix regression that caused a faulty config.xml when applying limiter settings
o core: refactored the configd command structure for clarity
o core: fix for SMTP notifications that broke due to PHP 5.6’s new default SSL behaviour
o core: thorough unused java script purge under the hood
o upnp: fix redeclaration error on main page shortcut click
o user manager: consolidated the labels of all privileges, especially OpenVPN
o development: opnsense-update can selectively upgrade base/kernel for testing
o development: new chunk of progress on the new proxy feature and MVC structure

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Great tutorial about Securing Your Home Fences with OPNsense:
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