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What are the coolest uses of 3D printing? 

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HDR with Google Glass - full article at

I'll repost the best bits here.  I'm also sharing an all-Glass gallery below.  Only that first shot is HDR, though.  But I'm really loving this new headheld camera category and the kind of things I can do with Glass.

On This Week in Tech Today
I'll be on with +Leo Laporte , +Om Malik , and +Dwight Silverman   today (Sunday) at 3 PM PT, 6 PM ET. You can watch live at . If you're around Petaluma and want to say hi, stop by the TWIT Studio there! I'll be sharing some new photos from travels and the Glass. We'll probably also talk about stuff from Google I/O and other random tech geeky awesomeness...

HDR with Google Glass?
I think I figured something cool out, although it is an absolute hack. But, that's okay. I mean, if you can get the light, then you get the light. If you think about it, using Auto-bracketing on a regular camera (like a DSLR) to get an HDR is kind of a hack, since that's not even the purpose of auto-bracketing. The first photo in the album below of the sunset below shows the hacked effect working from a Google Glass photo. I have a lot more testing and research to do, and I'll share it soon. It's different than the usual HDR Tutorial ( which was just re-written from the ground-up less than two weeks ago, by the way!).

An All-Glass Album

You can see the album below.  I've been experimenting a lot with taking photos with Glass. And before you ask, regular visitors (hi!) know that I post-process unapologetically. To me, the first photo is just a sketch. As long as you get enough light and color with an interesting composition, the rest of the light is yours to bend to your will. But yes, all these photos were taken with Google Glass.

As for the shot below...

I was going down to the beach when I decided to get some quick photos up here with Glass.  It didn't take too long.  Man, I sure do wish they were RAW files, but sadly they are just JPGs.  It's not the end of the world, but still... it's a little limiting.  Anyway, as you can see, the waves were crashing in and the weather was wonderful... I guess that makes up for the lack of RAW files! :)

Actually, maybe one of you smart people can tell me why tiny cameras like this and iPhones and Androids can't make RAW files.  I don't know the technical reason.  I assume it has something to do with sensor size and how much light it can collect, but some of that hardware stuff is beyond my ken.

After I got down there, I took a photo of the Natural Bridge, which you can see in the album below.
Google Glass Gallery - A Collection of Headheld Camera Shots...
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