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Want a free extra 2GB of Google Drive storage, and a more secure Google account? Take a quick security check-up for your account and you'll get an extra 2GB of free-forever Drive storage. (And yes, it stacks with last year's security checkup bonus!)

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Is it wrong of me to wish this trend were really a thing?

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I realize the irony of posting this on social media. And yet...

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"Well, I've got a proof that we can pay..."
What happens when a physicist, a computer scientist, a mathematician, an engineer, and an economist go out for a meal and try to split the check?

Materials-sciencey people: I need some advice.

A metal bit broke off my glasses, and I've been trying to glue it back on to the adjacent metal bit, but so far without success. First I tried cyanoacrylate, and then an "all-purpose cement" containing various acetates, and in both cases the metal bit seemed to be attached okay after some hours' curing, but then came right off again under a fairly gentle shear force.

What's going wrong here? What should I try instead?

Okay, this is kind of worrisome.

A while ago, I plugged a pair of old headphones into my computer speakers to see if they still worked, and suddenly I couldn't get any sound at all out of my computer except a beep from the motherboard -- even after I unplugged the headphones and power-cycled the computer. Great, I thought, my sound card's just happened to crap out right when I need it. I replaced the card a few days later and everything seemed okay...

...until just now, when it occurred to me to try those headphones once again, and the exact same thing seems to have happened.

Have I somehow broken two sound cards now just by plugging in the wrong headphones? Is the sound card not broken, and if so, what else is going on? Does anybody out there have a clue?

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Walmart workers finally going on strike, even without union support. More power to 'em.

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This thread is amazing. #natesilverfacts :

— “Results ask Nate Silver if they’re significant.”
— “Nate Silver's samples have only a median and a mode. Because no number would be mean to Nate Silver.”
— “Nate Silver can recite pi. Backwards.”
— “When Nate Silver asks you, ‘Wanna make a bet?’ the correct answer is no.”
— “There are no imaginary numbers, only ones Nate Silver hasn't acknowledged yet.”
— “Nate Silver can divide by zero.”
— “Nate Silver does not breathe air, he just periodically samples the atmosphere.”
— “Nate Silver got kicked out of a Costco for combining all the samples together and staring at them.”
— “Nate Silver counted to infinity. Twice.”

-- "Nate Silver owns a copy of the set of all sets that do not contain themselves. "
-- "Nate Silver can express sqrt(2) as a fraction of two integers a/b"
-- "Nate Silver once observed a particle's position and momentum with a variance less than h/4*pi"
-- "Nate Silver was able to solve the equations of the lorenz attractor with only analytic methods"
-- "Nate Silver rides to work on a Gaussian wave packet"
EDIT: I forgot to specify a,b ∈ N. I have failed as a mathematician and will be committing suicide later tonight.

I just found out I'm in worse shape than I thought if Prop. 30 doesn't pass; I won't be able to take summer classes any longer, meaning I'll have to cram my classes for the next year into fewer semesters, and frankly I'm not sure I'll be able to handle the workload.

Please vote yes on 30 if you weren't already planning to. And please tell your friends to do the same.

Heh. I appear to be getting a wide variety of spam that starts with "Please click 'Not Spam' above if delivered to spam folder." Yay, screening-for-suckers ploys.
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