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almost certainly nominated for something somewhere
almost certainly nominated for something somewhere

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I'm headed to openSUSE Conference 2015 (1 to 4 May) in The Hague, Netherlands.  It should be glorious.  I've attempted to attend in the past, but never could good my travel windows to line up properly.  This year the conference happens to coincide with a Kolab conference, so that will make the collaboration all the better.  And I'm giving 3 or 4 presentations. 

You might consider going this year ....

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What a great venue for SUSECon 2015.  It'll be our best conference yet.
Brace yourselves, Europe!  SUSECon 2015 will happen in Amsterdam Nov 2nd - 6th!

More info (and pre-registration):

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Interesting development.  Cool technology.  And of course, some intrigue, some controversy.

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The new GREEN has been unleashed!

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Everything Is Awesome and Open, SUSECon!
SUSECon 2014 is on the way this November.  To tell everyone about it we decided to play with some LEGO.  Just how we roll.

More info (including the session list):

Nerd joke of the day, in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Me: It's time that someone be dancin' the hempen jig
Mike: aaarg, tis not the endweek.
Me: Yarrr, 'tis true. But we be free to hand our enemies from the hempen halter any day of the god-given week, we be.
Me: s/hand/hang/
Me: (Betcha didn't know that Pirates know how to use regular expressions, too, not just Pirate expressions.)
Mike: but can they do it with the kaaaarn shell!?


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SUSECon 2014 is fast approaching. This year's show will surely be our best yet, particularly as SUSE focuses on SUSE Linux Enterprise 12. What an impressive fleet of enterprise products, and nearly ready for delivery.

And as an interesting surprise, one of my proposed presentations, about Securing Your Linux Server, is one of 17 pre-approved presentations. There will be many more selected in the coming days, but Security is clearly a top topic. (Please forgive my patting myself on the back for a moment. pat pat)

SUSECon, 17 through 21 November 2014, in Orlando Florida.

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Open Build Service 2.5 is ready for liftoff.  Good stuff.  Particularly the integrated notification system.  Excellent work done by the Build Service developers!

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My fellow Geeko Drew represented us well at SCALE!  openSUSE took home two awards.  Drew is awesome.  openSUSE is even awesomer.

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Good humor.  Sometimes engineers really are artists in disguise.   In this case, a very clever review of children's book.
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