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Blood Moon: April 2015
This morning at 5:00 AM the third blood moon showed it's pretty face.  I wasn't as successful with the pictures this time even though it may have been the clearest of night.  I picked out a few of the best I could get and posted them below. I decided to go ...

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Dreams of Fungus
Have you ever had a dream, maybe when you were a child, while growing up and you maybe shared that dream with your friends, parents, or teachers, and then you grew up and as an adult you may have forgotten, reasoned it away do to "real life" consequences or...

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Rain + Cowles Mountain + Friends = Muddy Blast
Every chance I get I try and get out Sunday mornings before church and hike Cowles Mtn. with the KA hiking havurah.  We always have a blast talking, ranting, encouraging one another up the mountain, but, on days like this, it's extra special. Cowles Mountai...

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Kitchen Creek Falls Trail
Over the Christmas break I found this trail on AllTrails and had planned on doing it on New Years Eve, but because of a snow storm I decided to put it off.  I love snow, but many times there are a lot of people on the road that don't know how to drive in it...

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El Capitan Reserve: The Year After
2013 I took on this mountain and found out how difficult it really was.  First time since I officially started this blog that I was unable to complete a trail.  Did I let that get me down?  No, I went back at the end of the year and finish. Now it's been ab...

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Sister 4 Life
While visiting in North Carolina I had the wonderful opportunity of shooting these two sisters.  I knew them when they were knee high, reconnecting with them was an exciting experience.  It's good to see they've grown up, knowing what's important in life. H...

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Wow Nikki, that IS big.
My Christmas Gift got here early!!! #costco #big #bear 🐻 BEST DAY EVER 
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