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Joseph Bylund

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One of the better photos taken with ridiculously long lens...

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Water drops splashing in the aquatic garden fountain at the New York botanical garden in the Bronx yesterday.

+Lifehacker, I was looking at this story and tried one of the links it gave, namely: only to get a 404, I assume this broke with the move to kinja, any newfangled way of getting just the posts that you want?

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A panorama created from a few photos taken from the Maryland overlook of Great Falls on the Potomac on a recent hike .

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Seems a good idea. Also, open hardware.

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More work on the core applications for Ubuntu Touch, and the Nexus 4 just dropped in price.  Coincidence?
We are organizing a new set of Ubuntu Core Apps Hack Days as we're sprinting to drive all the apps to completion by October.

Join us next week and be part of the mobile revolution!

+Adam Dachis +Lifehacker, Do you guys have a good photo of a tv mounted to a coffee table using a vesa stand a la, Adam's coffee table arcade article?
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