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Military Special Needs Network
Proudly Supporting all Military Families with a Dependent with Special Needs
Proudly Supporting all Military Families with a Dependent with Special Needs


For most of us, when we receive a diagnosis for a chronic medical, educational or psychological condition, we are in a place of “not knowing”. We don't know about the diagnosis, potential life-long limitations, treatments or cures. Social programs, supplemental insurance, IDEA, FAPE, ADA...What?! No one knocks on your door with a packet of information telling you your rights, or what services are available for you or your child. Now, imagine you are at a brand new duty station. Heck - you don't even know how to navigate around town, let alone where the specialists, disability offices, or the myriad of other resources you need are located.

The primary focus of the Military Special Needs Network is to help during the stressful times of the "unknown". MSNN helps educate families about their options, available resources and community support groups. We have peer-to-peer mentors available to talk to families, offering a shoulder to cry on, a place to vent, and the inspiration to keep going, 24 hours a day.

Please help us continue to spread the word about MSNN. We are right there in the waters with our fellow Military families, just paying it forward, helping to empower families and unite to form a strong family support system for all of our service members.

Our site goes live on May 15, so until then, please come visit our Facebook page and see what our special Military families are made of.
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