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Angry that your panoramic picture doesn't turn out well as you expected? Here are a few steps used by author +Miguel Leiva-Gomez to create beautiful panoramic pictures. #moible 

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In case you were curious... :)

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YouTube started out as a private company, and it shows a ton of science oriented stuff along with the junk. Nothing's wrong with the private sector. Something's wrong with its consumers. Discovery is private. So is the History Channel. PBS receives only 15% of its income from public entities. What it shows on its channel isn't dictated by the government, but somehow people believe that subsidizing it led to its content. I believe they're right, only in the fact that the content it's showing caters to the crowd that vilifies people who want to cut those subsidies. Like any institution private or public, it looks out after self interest. The only difference between private and public is that public gets shoved down our throats while the private system gets our vote through our dollars.

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The Tech Guy has a guest tonight: InkPal. They're an environmentally friendly company that sells ink cartridges and toner that's been recycled and tested to meet customer standards. Check 'em out!

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We just got our first exclusive interview, and it was on something as controversial as CISPA, no less! Check it out! We have two exclusive interviews and one exclusive commentary on the subject from different leaders in security and IT!

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We have a surprise for all you green folk! Ink Pal is coming in soon as a guest on our blog with regards to the electronic impact on the environment and our surroundings.

Ink Pal is a company that provides environmentally friendly ink & toner for a variety of printers. They're not even that expensive! Check them out at the link below!

We're excited to welcome our first guest ever, and hope to strengthen our relationships with companies that operate altruistically. Let's hear it for Ink Pal!

I cannot go to a website or social network where people aren't talking about Diablo 3. Suggestions for a safe haven from the barrage?

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Coming soon: CISPA - What Companies and Individual Experts Have to Say About It. Exclusive interviews and commentaries with:

- Lamar Bailey - Director of security research and development @ nCircle.
- Harry Sverdlove, CTO, Bit9
- Jerry Irvine, CIO, Prescient Solutions
- Marcus Carey, security researcher at Rapid7
- And more!!

We're about to have the Web's first full discussion about CISPA, from both its supporters and its antagonists, as part of a celebration of our entrance into the official media stratosphere!
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