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Paul Fisher
Punch Nazis 2k17
Punch Nazis 2k17

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I am standing at your side for the fight
Minds over might
Swear to God
They could barely even see the dog
They don't see the size of the fight

Every time somebody says “I’m fundraising for cancer” it’s always for cancer research or something, they’re never actually supporting cancer

We choose to go to low Earth orbit, not because it is easy, but because we are incapable of imagining anything better —the Democratic party

[constructs a global communication system that depends upon all participants being honest and trustworthy] this will work

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when you’re processing confidential audio data, make sure to use a discreet fourier transform

engineering is my job and rowing is my passion, but shitposting is my calling

oh there ain’t no rest for the surreal
money does grow on trees
I got mouths to pay
I got bills to feed
in this world painted by Dalí

a video game about compiling wartime intelligence dossiers from inside a bunker called Player Underground’s Battle Knowns

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when you want to clean out your apartment but are also full of existential anxiety
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