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New Year, new opportunity? simply is recruiting for a Programme Consultant to join our ranks

#SocialNow @socialnowevent Thanks for the opportunity!

#SocialNow @pauljcorney Good question. I think that social favours the outposts over HQ

#SocialNow @jeffreyLerman Yes - and to give it the agility of a startup

#SocialNow Have a good one @elsua

#SocialNow Like GM when it went bust

#SocialNow Fortunately the uberisation of business means that large cos are ready to try anything

#SocialNow We will have to understand the shape of networks and massage the message down the path of least resistance

#SocialNow I do believe that the Graph will change the way we think about channels, and topdown versus bottom up.

#SocialNow You are right We use email in lieu of a boss telling us what to do. Guilt driven
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