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The science behind building great teams - N2 People Skills
The science behind building great teams - N2 People Skills


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Glad you had fun with the Brownies. Did they not give you a budget? ;)

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IT'S TIME TO VOTE #voteremain❗
One way - ❎ or the other - ❎

Will we pull the drawbridge up and have no idea what new laws and errors are being made by EU government that apparently we don't trust.

Or will we stand up to the hard task (of leadership) ahead, and become a leader in starting some reforming of some of what EU needs reforming. Sure they may say there is no reforms to be made, but then some people were told that there was no use or need for an i-phone, or for electricity, or no hope in human flight or getting to the moon or......

If theEU is the enemy, is it not better to have a seat at the table of your enemy where you at least have a chance at having some influence and perhaps sway others to a better way (note this is how a certain NG got to be a voice, as a Member of the European Parliament since 1999). Or will be trying to convince Ireland that they need to stop so and so in the EU.

If your enemy offers you a seat at the table, should one say no out of pride, or take the chance (a risk yes), that you will find a way that will offer a chance to communicate and seek change. Even be able to (yes a risk), stand up for causes and perhaps create change.
Or if not at the table, are we willing to wait for a crash and then have no choice but to help pick up the pieces!

If we want to see the changes that we feel need to happen in Europe (otherwise why are we saying we want to jump off a sinking ship) how will we do this when off the ship?

Are we to ignore death, starvation, slavery and economic crashes of whole countries and just pray our stores will last longer than theirs.
Or will we help and take a stand in leadership! In which case why abandon a ship that still has a good chance to make it, and even become a better vessel because of the storm.

If a ship sinks where do all the people swim? Will we send them away to starve as our drawbridge is closed.... If other countries are in trouble and their people have to leave before they are in threat of being killed, surely we should help them regain their humanity so they can succeed and prosper.

If there are human rights violations or other things being done by EU that we do not agree on, how we will apply leverage when we no longer have an axis?

There are many things wrong in the world, not just in UK. Are we so great we can stand back and say look at us! "We can go it alone, and that's what you should do. Good luck with the neighbours!"
The article below with thoughts from other EU leaders (while may be biased) is still information worth considering. I hope is we all vote with as much wisdom as we can, knowing we did our best with what information we understood, knowing we did our best for humanity and this wondrous planet that we are so fortunate to live on .
For me I can only think we should continue to stand up for others, to be the leaders in offering hope and example of humanity to others.
Perhaps our own politics and politicians have shown us that we are far from perfect and still have a lot more to learn about unity, communication, leadership and change.

Wish you all best in your decision, see you on the other side.......

Simon Harvey

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Being a leader means thinking ahead about change. ARE YOU READY, ARE YOU AWARE?

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Are you doing the wrong thing right?

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yOU hired the right person for the job….. Right?

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Do you run, manage or work on a superyacht? Have issues with longevity? 
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Go to the force, feel it, let it in, breath, let go, be at one. May the force be with you.
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