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Marcos Vinicios Barreto de Oliveira commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi, I have a doubet, after victim installing the apk will I have full control or I only have control if the app is running? I mean the app once installed conect the device or it's need the victim start the app? Does the app autostart once installed as keyloggers do?

After playing a while with the gumby framework which I consider an excellent framework with really cool features I think I will turn back to skeleton framework since it has a more clean and comprehensive grid system, as an example I could cite the use of one-third columns which is ideal for some layout organization, I looked inside gumby it seems it doesn't offer this feature in its grid system and I don't want to make complicated sass calculations just to have 'one thirds' in my layout

I looked at the two grid psd 12col and 16 col with 940px width the 12col is 60px wide in each column and the 16col is 40px wide in each column. I have a gumby custom build of 1100px width, I need a PSD grid for this build, I have GuideGuide installed on my PS, so what I need to do is a grid of 16 col for a width of 1100px but I don't know which column width I should use, the glutter is 20px I know but the exact width of each columns remains unknown for me. Can you help me please?

when trying to compile gumby using this command: sass --watch sass
I got this error message: error sass/gumby.scss (line 12: File to import not found or unreadable: modular-scale. What could be wrong?

I think Gumby Framework should include a tooltip plugin in the UI toolkit as bootstrap does

what's the default max-width used in gumby demo page? it doesn't look like to be 940px wide, if it is 1170 why we don't have psd template for that?

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