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Been an evernote user for a few years. Never tried drive but it's always there on my Android. Wondered if I were missing anything. This vid helped me decide to just stick with what's comfortable and familiar. Good ol evernote. Thanks.

Dustin Proxmire

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Perhaps even more than usual, I've been in serious introvert mode.
During that time, I've.....

· Cleaned my place (windows too)
· Damn near finished the second Game of Thrones book
· Figured out my budget (I'M POOR!)
· Caught up on work (for now)
· Took a few pics
· Played with puppies
· Drank lots of coffee

Lulz, I've not been this productive in ages. :-D
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Dustin Proxmire

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which #windowmanager  do you prefer to use with #linuxmint15  ?
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Dustin Proxmire

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my latest blog post. heads up if youve never read anything I've written, it often involves Jesus. So, don't read half way through it and and send me anti christian email... read it all the way through first.
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Dustin Proxmire

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Anyone around fort wayne ride longboards?
#longboard #FortWayne
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Dustin Proxmire

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On Google+ businesses will sometimes pose as a person, usually a young lady, visually blessed. They do this to rope in young men, pretend to be their friend, then try to... I dont know attach mind control devices to their heads or whatever else it is businesses do these days. Anyway, young women, dont take offense if people express their doubt as to whether you are a real person or not. Really, it just means your picture could pass for an evil mind control businesses false profile picture (although it would help clear up some confusion if you were less vague in your interests and listed more than "partying" and "having fun"). 

P.S. I wasn't gonna add you back anyway, I dont feel like being part of your follower collection, and I dont need the headache of having to explain you to my wife when you really arent that cool or interested in anything I like anyway. 

P.S.S. this isnt really directed toward anyone but is really just part of a weird dream I just had. Im more asleep than awake right now. This rant will probably be on my next podcast episode. I feel strange now, goodnight again world.
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Dustin Proxmire

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aww heck, heres some more...
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Dustin Proxmire

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I just finished building Captain's Shack in Pirates Kingdom!
Get it here
Join the treasure quest, arr!

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Dustin Proxmire

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We're a bit ahead of you here in Indiana. We even wrap them in cornbread and call em corn dogs.
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Dustin Proxmire

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My wife and I... nailed it.
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Dustin Proxmire

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The man what aint never failed aint never done nothin
          I have a terrible memory, so I have to carry around notepads to write everything down on. I am a member of Cedar Creek Church in Leo Indiana. My wife and I have 3 children. I believe in "old-fashioned" (and increasingly uncommon) values like loyalty and honesty, and believe that honor is worth more than money. I like gadgets and gismos. I like to read. The Bible is my favorite book to read but I also read murder mysteries and some other genres of books as well. I'm very quirky, I have a touch of OCD, and ADD, I'm very impulsive, and have a terrible memory. I have to write things down in a mini notepad to remember them at all. its not uncommon for me to whip out my notepad and start jotting down notes in the middle of a convo with someone.
          I like riding trails on my mountain bike when ever I can. I enjoy going to the dentist. I had a seizure at steak and shake once. I like tinkering with Linux operating systems. I am a bit of a health nut, (but i still eat meat) and a fitness junky (but not a gym rat). I am an amateur blacksmith. I like crafting tools and hardware of all sorts with my forge and anvil. I really like creating things by hand out of the natural materials that God provided us with, like iron and other metals. I like and appreciate the value that hand crafting things adds to them. I despise this mentality that people have become accustomed to that suggests we can buy a crap piece of plastic for 99 cent, and if it doesn't work we can just toss it in the trash because it was only 99 cents. I prefer quality (sorry for the rant). I have started making zombie apocalypse survival kits that include some weapons and useful tools.... just in case. I use to play video games but don't really anymore, mostly because I see too many people completely consumed by them and it turned me off from them. I love camping, fishing (never been huntung), kayaking, bird watching, and exploring all of Gods green earth. I like all the "outdoors" stuff.

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Bragging rights
where I'm from, we eat meat, spank our kids, speak the truth and expect to hear the same, we carry guns, work hard, take marriage seriously, we read the bible, respect our parents, we pray, and we love our country.
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